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Starfield: How to Solve Temple Eta Puzzle



Starfield: Temple Eta Puzzle

The Temple Eta puzzle is one of the early puzzles in the main campaign story that will grant your character its initial power. However, it is not the only temple puzzle as there are several others scattered on various planets that you can find and solve similar puzzles to acquire new powers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve the Temple Eta puzzle in Starfield.

How to Solve Temple Eta Puzzle in Starfield

The Temple Eta puzzle revolves around stopping the three rings from spinning within one another. As you enter the Temple Eta, you will witness the rings and the game will just leave you to discover the solution to stop the rings. Now, to solve the Temple Eta puzzle and any other temple you visit where you find identical rings, you need to look for spheres in the air and go through them. The room in which the rings spin has no gravity and you will be able to fly around using your Booster Pack.

Look around in the area to find the suspicious spheres in the air and use your boost pack to fly through them. As you fly through each sphere, a deep sound will play and the speed of the rings will increase. The order of the sphere does not matter so, if you see a couple of spheres in the air, go through them one by one before they disappear. Once you have gone through around 6 – 7 spheres in total, you will witness the rings moving at a frightening rate.

As the spinning stops, go to the center of the rings to start a brief cutscene in which your character will get a new power. Unlocking these powers will make combat and adventure more enjoyable so, make sure to complete the temples that you find to get new powers.

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