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Starfield: Where to Find the Richest Vendor



Starfield: Richest Vendor

Finding the best vendor in Starfield is a task in itself as you will be looking for them throughout your playthrough to sell all the unwanted items to make money. However, all the vendors have a limited amount of credits and after that, you cannot sell your stuff to them for the actual price for a certain period. It is best to find the wealthiest vendor who can buy all of the items from your little espionage.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the richest vendor in Starfield.

Where to Find the Richest Vendor in Starfield

The richest vendor in Starfield is Zuri who owns a shop named Zuri Essentials. She is not a public vendor so not a lot of players will be able to find her in the city instead, players will have to join the Crimson Fleet Faction and complete their quests to get access to an area where she can be found. You can follow the following steps to unlock Zuri, the richest vendor in Starfield.

  • The first and foremost step is to join the Crimson Fleet Faction. Commit a crime to get caught by the authorities or join the VC Vanguard and go undercover for them to join the Crimson Fleet.
  • Once you have joined the Crimson Fleet, do at least 3 of their quests to unlock access to “The Key” Space Station in the Kryx System. The Key has several vendors to whom you can sell your goodies or illegal items. However, if you don’t see Zuri at the Zuri Essentials shop, then you might have to do an additional quest for the faction to unlock her.
  • Go inside the Key to find Zuri and interact with her to sell all the items to get a decent amount of money for all the items.

Zuri has a 40,000 Credit limit at a time and it is enough to sell most of your valuable items from your adventure. You can always choose to restock her credits by going back to the ship and waiting for 24 hours local time. The Kryx System does not have scanners in their system so, you can easily smuggle in Contrabands without getting caught and sell them to Zuri without any hassle.

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