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Starfield: How to Join Ryujin Industries Faction



Starfield: Ryujin Inddustries Faction

There are several joinable factions in Starfield that players can choose to join in their playthrough as none of the factions impact the main storyline instead, players will be able to complete missions for the factions to earn various rewards which help them big time in their adventure. So, it is worth seeing what options you want to take with your character to enhance your experience in an immense world.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to join the Ryujin Industries Faction in Starfield.

How to Join Ryujin Industries Faction in Starfield

Ryujin Industries is a big corporation operating from Neon City and you can join the industry to help them grow bigger in their goal by the following steps.

  • You need to apply for a job at Ryujin Industries by using one of their Kiosks found in all the major cities. These are the Red Kiosks that can be found in New Atlantis as well as in Neon City. If you are in New Atlantis then go to the Mast District to find one of the Red Kiosks and if you are in Neon City, you can find one just by walking on the street.
  • After finding the Red Kiosk, interact with it and select the Job Application option. There will be several questions that you need to answer. There are no correct answers so, you can choose whatever you like. Fill in the Job Application and submit it to start the “Back to the Grind” quest.
  • For the quest, you need to head to the Ryujin Industries office which is located right at the end of Neon City. It is a large red building with the same symbol as the red kiosk. Enter the building talk to Lane and he will take you to Imogene. Talk to Imogene and she will do a physical interview of you. Same as before, select any answers you want.
  • Once the interview has been completed, Imogene will give you your first task and it is getting coffee for her and the other workers. Make your way to the Terra Brew Coffee Shop and get the coffee. As you are getting coffee, you will encounter Tomo, an ex-officer at Ryujin Industries. He will point a gun at you which you can handle either by persuading him or killing him in a gun battle.
  • Take the coffee back to Imogene and tell her about the little incident with Tomo. She will be happy with you about discussing the incident and will tell you to go meet with other officers in the conference room.
  • Go to the conference room and talk to each officer one by one and give them their coffee to complete the quest and you will be welcomed to Ryujin Industries.

After the first quest from Imogene, you will be a part of Ryujin Industries Faction as well as you get the achievement for it. You can get more quests for this faction by talking to Imogene from time to time.

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