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The Lamplighters League – How to Get and Use Items



The Lamplighters League – How to Get and Use Items

On your prolonged missions in The Lamplighters League, you will encounter various enemies in several combat scenarios. Outmaneuvering them can take a lot more than the starting skills of your agents. One of the best ways to turn the tide of combat in your favor is by using items such as throwables.

This guide will help you get and use items in The Lamplighters League.

How to Get Items

There are two main ways to get items in The Lamplighters League:

  • Exploring the mission area: Most missions have items hidden around the actual path of the mission that you can get by interacting with them. If you come across a bandage or grenade, make sure to pick it up by going near it and pressing the F key. However, each agent can only hold one item in their inventory until you unlock more inventory space.
  • Buying from a Supplier at the Hideout: The Hideout is your main safe area where you can unlock new skills for your agents, access the world map, and even buy items from the Supplier. Once at the Hideout, select the Supplier tab to view the items that are available. You can buy each item with SUP, a currency in the game that the Supplier accepts for trading items with you.
The Lamplighters League – How to Get and Use Items

How to Use Items

You can use items by selecting them from your inventory or pressing the button respective to the inventory slot. After that, use the cursor to point the item in a certain direction and then press the left-click or spacebar key to use it. Items can be used both during and out of combat. Experiment with different items to see which ones are most beneficial for combat.

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