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The Lamplighters League – How to Get a Finisher Move



The Lamplighters League – How to Get a Finisher Move

The Lamplighters League combat is one of the most unique and complex combats of any strategy game, as it is all based on your agents’ skills. There are several types of skills for every agent, allowing players to strategize combat according to the agent’s role and skills. However, there is a secret skill that players can access during combat: the Finisher. The Finisher move does not show in the skill tree of the agents, but players can use them by doing the Stress Break of an enemy.

This guide will help you learn how to get a Finisher move in The Lamplighters League.

How to Get a Finisher Move in The Lamplighters League

The Finisher move can be gained on any agent, but to gain a Finisher move, you must do a Stress Break of an enemy. The Stress Break of an enemy can be done by filling the Stress meter of an enemy. Every time you attack an enemy, it will gain 1 bar in the Stress Meter. It does not matter how much damage you deal to the enemy; it will fill up the Stress Meter even if your agent misses the attack. Different enemy types have different numbers of bars in their Stress Meter, so you need to fill up all the bars to do a Stress Break.

Whenever the enemy is on a Stress Break, it will attack a nearby contact and become vulnerable to damage. At this point, your nearby agent to the enemy will unlock the Finisher move, which can only be used on the Stress Break enemy without any AP cost. Using the Finisher move will eliminate the enemy in a single hit. However, the Scion enemy type cannot be killed with the Finisher move, and the Stress Break state of an enemy will only remain for 2 turns, so make sure that you are in a position to capitalize on this moment.

Having a Finisher move available is a free kill for your group, but it does cost several APs just to get 1 enemy on Stress Break. Make sure that you are managing the APs with Ingrid to go on chain attacks to either kill the enemy quickly or fill up their stress meter.

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