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Thief Simulator 2: How to Level Up Fast



Thief Simulator 2: Level Up Fast

Want to reach new heights with your burglary, then you must focus on leveling up in Thief Simulator 2. It will give you access to learning new skills that will help you loot houses more efficiently and help you earn more money. This leveling guide will assist you in leveling up quickly in Thief Simulator 2.

How to Level Up Fast in Thief Simulator 2

Leveling up in Thief Simulator 2 is similar to its predecessor which requires a certain amount of XP for each level upgrade. XP is gained by looting the items and the more items you loot, the more XP you will get. However, items such as more valuable, heavier, and key items (story mode) give up to 20 – 25 XP each whereas, smaller and regular items give 10 XP each. Looting these specific types of items will net you XP more quickly which can level you up by making a couple of burglaries.

The current level of the players and the XP required for the next level are shown in the bottom left corner of the screen under the map radar. The story mode requires you to mainly complete certain objectives which can slow down the process of leveling up because there are no XP earned on completing the objectives. But if you play the Free Mode, you will be able to make decisions as you like and do whatever you want.

The free mode is the best mode to level up your character in and while roaming around the areas, look for chests. They are normally marked with a “?” icon on the map and will require a certain level of Lockpicking Skill. Try to lockpick the chests to get their contents as chests contain valuable items that can net you more XP as well as Money by selling the items.

That is all related to how to Level Up Fast in Thief Simulator 2.

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