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Thief Simulator 2 – How to Avoid Detection After a Failed Robbery



Thief Simulator 2 - Wanted Posters

Getting a Failed Robbery in Thief Simulator 2 might slow things down for you in Thief Simulator 2 as people in Madison St. will start recognizing you just by seeing you. It raises extra caution to the residents and it might change their overall routine which can lead to another failed robbery and end up getting caught by the police.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to avoid detection after a failed robbery in Thief Simulator 2.

How to Avoid Detection After a Failed Robbery

Raising suspicion on a tenant and getting seen by the tenant as you make your escape from the residence can put you up on a wanted list. If you go back to Madison St. after a failed robbery, you will see a Badge Symbol beside the Madison St. destination. It indicates that you are wanted and the residents of Madison St. are more careful. The authorities will place the Wanted Posters of you which make the residents of Madison St. recognize just by seeing you. However, there are two ways through which you can change that.

  • Remove all the Wanted Posters
  • Wear a Ski Mask

The Wanted Posters will be at random locations every time and there will be at least 2 – 3 Wanted Posters in total scattered around Madison St. You need to find and remove all of the wanted posters to remove the detection by the people.

Wearing the Ski Mask will not remove the badge symbol yet but it stops the people from recognizing you. Your wanted level will be removed automatically after a few days but you need to be successful in your robberies otherwise, the badge symbol will not be removed. You can buy the Ski Mask from the Stealgear app on your computer at the Hideout. It will cost you $2,000 and your character will put it on automatically whenever he is wanted in the area.

So, instead of looking for posters to remove your wanted level, spend some cash on the Ski Mask to get disguised and keep on making money.

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