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The Lamplighters League – How to Unlock New Abilities



The Lamplighters League – How to Unlock New Abilities

There are several types of abilities for every agent in The Lamplighters League. Each agent’s skill has its uses and advantages that can help you strategize in both the main objective of the mission and combat. Each agent has a set of starting abilities that can be enhanced and unlocked by upgrading the respective skill tree of the agent.

How to Unlock New Abilities in The Lamplighters League

There are 10 different agents in The Lamplighters League, each with their own set of abilities that you can enhance and unlock more to strategize better in the missions. The abilities are divided into three different types: active, passive, and signature. Active abilities are the ones that agents use mainly in combat, whereas passive skills are used automatically to gain a certain buff. The signature ability only has 1 use for the course of the mission and can be used during combat, but its use can change the tide of combat in your favor.

You can enhance the effects of both signature and passive abilities by upgrading them and unlocking even more active abilities for the agents. To do so, you need to get access to the Hideout. Once you have unlocked the Hideout, you need to select the Agents tab to view their inventory and the skill tree from which you can unlock and upgrade abilities. Both the unlocking and upgrading of abilities will require skill points. The abilities are spread over multiple levels in each agent skill tree, costing 2 to 12 skill points to unlock each skill.

The Lamplighters League – How to Unlock New Abilities

Skill points are earned at the end of every mission along with other resources. Completing the mission objectives and surviving with all the agents will get you the most skill points. The skill points you earn are not bound to certain agents; instead, you can use the skill points among all of the agents, even if you don’t pick them for the missions. So, you will not have to play with the agents to get access to new abilities. Play with any agents to complete the missions to earn skill points and then utilize those skill points to unlock new abilities as well as enhance the passive and signature abilities of the agents to grant them more buffs.

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