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The Lamplighters League – Combat Guide



The Lamplighters League – Combat Guide

Combat is a crucial aspect of The Lamplighters League game, and it offers a set of unique mechanics that players must learn and master to win every battle they encounter in their missions. Unlike other strategy turn-based combat games, The Lamplighters League combat can be infiltrated with numerous types of skills of the Agents along with the basic movement. Starting combat for new players can be a little tedious initially, as there are several things to keep in mind during the combat. This guide is focused on combat in The Lamplighters League and provides you with various insights into the mechanics to get you through your battles.

How to Start Combat

Before we get into how to tackle enemies in combat, it is also crucial for you to learn how to start combat. To initiate the combat, you can press the Ctrl button to go into battle mode without alerting the enemies yet, and then you can choose any ability from any agent on the field to get started. Starting combat on your own gives you the advantage of positioning your agents before the combat even begins.

Move and position your agents around the combat area and then initiate the combat to tackle your enemies more efficiently. If you get spotted by the enemy patrols, your agents might take a hit before they get to the cover, and even if you manage to get them in cover, it would still cost you an AP.

Action Points (AP)

Action Points are the ability of each agent to get a turn during combat. Each agent will start with 2 APs in every combat scenario, and once the combat is finished, the agents will regain those 2 APs for the next combat. However, if the agents run out of AP, you will not be able to move/use the abilities of those agents in combat.

AP is used whenever you move an agent from one place to another and whenever you use the ability of an agent. The movement can use 1–2 AP depending on the movement distance during combat. Similarly, different abilities cost different amounts of AP, so you will have to pay attention to the APs of your Agents.

Fortunately, an initial agent, Ingrid, has the passive ability to gain her AP back whenever she kills an enemy in combat. You can use Ingrid to do chain attacks back and forth while getting the AP back on kills.

Utilize Covers

Moving your agents during combat is a part of combat as enemies will try to get a better shot at your agents, for which you should prefer using covers. There are two types of covers in The Lamplighter League: half covers and full covers. Half covers are denoted by a half shield on the screen when you hover over them, and they make your agent 30% harder to hit. Full covers are denoted by a full shield and make your agent 60% harder to hit.

Utilize Covers

Attacks and Defenses

Both the attacks and defenses of your agents are accomplished by their skills in combat. All of the agents have a primary weapon that they will use, and most of their skills are based on their primary weapon. The agents who have a gun have the upper hand to shoot enemies from a distance, dealing a certain amount of damage along with a chance of dealing critical damage. However, there is also a chance that the shot misses the target and wastes your turn. That is where the agents with striking abilities come into play, as they don’t have a missing chance.

For the defenses, some of the agents have the Overwatch ability, which are the main defense abilities of the agents that provide extra defense for the selected agents on the field. The Overwatch ability can be used to hit the target whenever they move or make a hostile play, ultimately ending their turn.

Utilize Throwables

Apart from the skills of the agents, every agent can hold up to 1 item. It can be a med kit or a throwable like a grenade, fire bomb, etc., which can make a huge impact in combat. So, if you have certain items in the agent’s inventory, utilize them to your advantage in combat.

Finisher Ability

Lastly, you can earn a finisher ability for your agents if you get to stress break your enemies during combat, allowing you to take down the enemy with a fatal attack.

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