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Stray: Chapter 2 – Dead City Walkthrough



Stray: Chapter 2 – Dead City Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the walkthrough of the 2nd chapter of the Stray game.

Chapter 2 – Dead City

Chapter 2 will be in the lonely streets of a city. As you begin this chapter, you’ll have to cross the fence ahead of you by jumping on the trash can and then jumping on a metal sheet above. Jump down from the metal sheet and keep going ahead on the street. You’ll see some neon signs on the street and on buildings that will tell you the direction that you need to go. As you go ahead, you’ll see some barrels floating in the water. Jump on the barrels and go to the right side by jumping on the AC and then jump on the pipe. Go left from there and then jump on the window of the vents. You’ll see a bunch of pipes going up but there is also a fan above that you need to stop in order to pass through it. Before jumping on the pipes, grab a small bucket from the floor and then go up by jumping on the pipes. Once you are close to the fan drop the bucket and the fan will stop.

Go through the fan and you’ll be on the roof of a building. You’ll see several paint cans on the roofs that you can push off of the roof by interacting with them. There’ll be a platform on the left side, jump there and push paint cans off of the platform to jump on the outdoor of the AC in front. Then you need to go to the top ledge to push the paint off of the ledge to break the window.

Stray: Chapter 2 – Dead City Walkthrough

Go down from the window and follow the sign on the tv and then go out of the room. You’ll see a bucket, jump inside the bucket and you’ll come back on the street. Go ahead on the street and you’ll see a broken robot, go near it to interact with it. Then you need to jump on the trash can in front and then on the metal sheet. Go ahead and you’ll jump down and then a cutscene will start in which you’ll be back on the street and there’ll be a lot of one-eyed insects on the street. They will start to chase you and you’ll get the controls back. You’ll have to sprint and if they jump onto you, you need to press the Left Alt button or B button to push them off of you. You need to follow the neon signs on the streets to get away from them. Soon you’ll have to jump into the window and the chase will end.

Then you need to go out of the room and go up the stairs and you’ll be on a roof. You need to jump on the metal sheets and pipes to pass through the buildings. You’ll see a Wooden Plank on the roof of the building that you’ll reach. You need to push the wooden plank and jump on it to go to the other roof of the building. Follow the sign and you’ll jump into an open window of the building in front. After that, you’ll see a barrel on the roof of that building. You need to go into the barrel and press forward to roll the barrel. Roll It under the metal sheet and then you’ll be able to cross from the roof. After crossing to the other roof, you need to go to the left side. You’ll have to jump on several Planks and AC to reach a new building. To make sure that you are going in the right direction, look out for the neon signs as they will guide you in the right direction. Once you reached the required floor of the building, go through the small space between the door and you’ll reach into a room with a fan. To stop the fan, look on the left side and there’ll be a small plug. Go near it and plug it out. The fan will stop and then you’ll be able to go through the vents. As you jump down from the vents, the Third Chapter of the game will start.

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