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TFM: The First Men: Level Up Characters



TFM: The First Men: Level Up Characters

The First Men is a Medieval Fantasy Colony Survival game in which you have to control the characters by assigning them a role and build a good colony where you can progress and complete the main objective of the story campaign that you choose. One of the major things in progressing is to level up the characters of your colony.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up the characters in The First Men.

Leveling Up Characters

Players will not have their own characters in the game but the path that they chose at the start of the game will provide them with a number of colonists with whom they have to build a colony for them. The colonists that you are going to control are going to do things according to their designated roles and it’s all automated. You don’t have to control each character in the area to collect the resources, build a structure, etc. All the colonists will do things on their own and the way you interact with them is by inspiring them to certain feats, builds, and jobs that will change their behavior which can all be done by choosing the paths for the character after they reached the maximum amount of XP in the level.

The green bar on the top left corner of the screen will show you all the characters in your colony that you are controlling. The bar will show you the level of each character and their attribute points in all the stats. The level of a character increases as they get XP and each character will get XP by doing their job in the colony. All characters have their roles and if there is a gardener, if he is foraging then he’ll get XP as long as he is foraging. Gathering food, picking up sticks, gathering mushrooms, gathering rocks, wood, etc. all activities will give XP to the certain character, and when the circle of their level completes, it means you can select a Path Life for them which is inspiring in this game.

Select the path life according to the most points in a single attribute of that character and you’ll be able to give that character a thing or increase its potential in that job. After selecting a path, the next level of the character will start. Make sure to check on every character and when they level up, select the particular path n which they have the most points.

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