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The British retailer canceled all pre-orders of Super Mario 3D All-Stars due to “depressingly small” deliveries



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British retailer warned customers to cancel their pre-orders for the Super Mario 3D all-Stars collection for Switch, which will go on sale for just six months from September 18 to March 31. Initially, this was reported by several network users, but later the information was confirmed in the media.

In letters with a notification, the store administration stated that deliveries from Nintendo are too small — so on the day of release, the game will not get to those who pre-ordered.

We’ve just been notified of the Super Mario 3D all-Stars shipments allocated to us — and they’re depressingly small. We are very disappointed and, unfortunately, have to warn you that we will not be able to fulfill your order on the day of release

Moreover, since Nintendo and its distributors in the UK could not confirm that new shipments would be available after the release, we had to cancel all orders.

from the application

At the moment, 3D All-Stars has disappeared from the site although in other stores, for example, GAME and the UK Amazon, the collection is still available. There have been no warnings about insufficient copies from other retailers so far.

Nintendo did not explain its decision to release a compilation with remasters of Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy for Switch for a limited period of time. At the end of March, the game is going to be removed from sale both in retail and in eShop. It is also unknown whether the physical edition of the game will be limited, but soon after the announcement of 3D All-Stars, pre-orders for the collection began to be resold on eBay.

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