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The Planet Crafter: How to Get Osmium



The Planet Crafter: How to Get Osmium

The unknown planet in the Planet Crafter has several rare minerals that are essential to crafting a lot of useful machines. One of the minerals that players will have to look for is Osmium which is used in crafting the Ore Extractor and most importantly the Teleporter.

This guide will provide you with information on how to get Osmium in The Planet Crafter.

How to Get Osmium in The Planet Crafter

The Osmium is obtained through various methods in The Planet Crafter. It is a shiny blue mineral and the usual method of getting it is from the ground in the Osmium-rich caves. However, accessing these caves is not possible until the ice has been melted from the entrance of the caves which is only possible by heating the planet.

Furthermore, Osmium can also be obtained from the regular blue chests but mostly which are found inside the Osmium-rich caves. If you reach the cave with blue shiny minerals, look for the chests to loot them to get a few Osmium.

Another way to get a large amount of Osmium is through mining the Osmium-rich caves with an Ore Extract T2. You can only use tier 2 Ore Extractor for osmium-rich caves to mine Osmium. If there is no Osmium on the ground, you will have to use the Ore Extractor to get Osmium.

Lastly, another possible way to get Osmium is through a random meteorite event. As meteorite events happen randomly, there is a chance that you might see a fall of meteorites which turns the sky deep blue. If that is the case then these meteorites will hold Osmium along with Sulfur.

Locations of Osmium-Rich Caves

We have found the following Osmium-Rich Cave locations in The Planet Crafter where you can find Osmium on the floor and in some of the locations you can use the Ore Extractor as well.

  1. 462:70:1228 – Can use Ore Extractor T2 to mine Osmium.
  2. 626:61:1840 – Cannot use any Ore Extractor.
  3. 1861:13:566 – Cannot use any Ore Extractor.
  4. 1919:-7:459 – Cannot use any Ore Extractor.
  5. 974:43:-978 – Cannot use any Ore Extractor.
  6. 256:7:-199 – Can use Ore Extractor T2 to mine Osmium.

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