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The Planet Crafter: How to Unlock and Use the Teleporter



The Planet Crafter: How to Unlock and Use the Teleporter

The Planet Crafter puts you on a huge mission of turning an unhabitable planet into a habitable one, for which you have to increase Heat, Pressure, and Oxygen to make its atmosphere alive again. As the world map of the unknown planet is pretty big and several biomes hold unique resources to other biomes, you might be wandering into the unhabitable atmosphere from time to time making you use all of your oxygen tanks on the way.

However, there is an easy way to get yourself far instantly and that is possible by the use of the Teleporter. This guide will provide you with information on how to unlock and use the Teleporter in The Planet Crafter.

How to Unlock the Teleporter in The Planet Crafter

The Teleporter is one of the late-game crafting items that players will get to unlock upon increasing the Terraforming state to 25.00 GTI. It is the stage right after the insects and you will be increasing the Terraforming to get Breathable Air. If you already have Breathable Air on the planet, you will already have unlocked the Teleporter blueprint.

How to Build the Teleporter in The Planet Crafter

Once you have unlocked the Teleporter Blueprint, you will be able to build it using your Construct Microchip. Open the Construction Menu and navigate down to the Machines section to find the Teleporter recipe which will require the following materials.

  • 1x Super Alloy Rod
  • 1x Osmium
  • 1x Zeolite
  • 2x Pulsar Quartz
  • 1x Obsidian

Super Alloy Rod is a refined material that you need to craft at the Advanced Craft Station using 8x Super Alloy and 1x Aluminum. Osmium and Zeolite are found in the cavern areas but can also be mined using the ore extractor machine. Pulsar Quartz can be obtained from meteors as well as you can craft it. Lastly, Obsidian is only obtained from Lava Pits located on the southeast side of the map.

After getting all the materials for the Teleporter, simply select the Teleporter recipe by pressing the LMB and then place it down to build it. It can be built both inside and outside.

How to Use the Teleporter in the Planet Crafter

Using the Teleporter will require you to build at least two teleporters so that you can teleport from one place to the other. Additionally, each teleporter will require 276/s Energy for it to be activated and function. Once you have put down the power source and the teleporters around the map, you will be able to use it by the following steps.

  • Enter the Teleporter and interact with the screen above to name the location of the teleporter.
  • Now, interact with the console below to view the names of your other teleporters.
  • Select the one you wish to teleport to and you will be teleported instantly to the selected one.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the reason why you should name the teleporters is to memorize the location of your teleporters easily. If you don’t name your teleporters on the planet, it will show you the coordinates which are very hard to remember.

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