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The Planet Crafter: Tips & Tricks Beginner’s Guide



The Planet Crafter: Tips & Tricks Beginner’s Guide

The Planet Crafter v1.0 is finally released with several quality-of-life improvements, new mechanics, new crafting items, and end-game content. As there have been two years since the early access of the game, a lot of the old players have a decent idea of how to start their journey by jumping into the full-release version.

However, several new players are joining in to begin the adventure of terraforming the whole planet which requires tons of resources to craft the machinery and buildings to scale up the attributes of the planet. This guide will highlight all the crucial aspects of beginning your adventure in the Planet Crafter including several tips and tricks.

The Planet Crafter Beginner’s Guide

From the moment your pod crashes on an unknown planet, your big mission is to make the planet habitable. You and your buddies (if playing in multiplayer co-op mode) are alone on this planet and as you start exploring the planet, you will begin to find various types of resources just scattered across the planet.

Do not hesitate to pick up each and every resource you can find in the early game and set up your base. However, the most concerning and probably essential tip is regarding where you should build your base.

Where to Build Your Starting Base

Gathering the vital resources and looking for a place to build your starting base will often put you in confusing thoughts about where to build the base. As there is no limitation to building a base in The Planet Crafter, players might build the first flat surface they see or right beside the crashed pod which can be of use for some extent but not for long.

It is because the planet will have rain occurrence after every few days or a week later which will fill up the steep surfaces of the planet with water. Now, if you have built a base on a steep or flat surface which as under a hill, it will probably get flooded and you will not be able to access your base.

The best place to build your starting base is to build it on a hill area so, it won’t get flooded and be of use for several early hours of gameplay. Another great location for your base is closer to the areas of Iridium and Aluminum. Both of these are vital resources and are needed for various crafting items in the early game.

Early Locations to Find Iridium and Aluminum

Speaking of building your base near the resources of Iridium and Aluminum, you must know their spawn locations as they don’t spawn in the open like the rest of the few minerals. Luckily, there are early locations that you can get to in a few minutes right from the beginning of the game.

  • Iridium Early Location: The early location for Iridium is at 315:6:187 coordinates. You can reach it by going behind the pod and following the path ahead to come across an opening in the cliffs. Keep following the path and you will start seeing shiny red flashes on the ground which will be the Iridium ores that you can collect.
  • Aluminum Early Location: The early location for Aluminum is at 887:25:-21 coordinates. You can reach it by going right from your pod location and up to the hill towards the giant planet. Keep on going until you are able to turn right again. Turn right and keep on going ahead until you will see giant grey rocks. Here, you will be able to collect several Aluminum. Additionally, there is also a ship in this area in which you can also find Aluminum.

Loot and Deconstruct Regular & Golden Crates

While exploring the unknown planet, you will often run into regular blue crates that hold essential resources, food items, and seeds. Loot these crates and deconstruct them to get the extra resources.

Additionally, you can also find the golden crates which have specific locations on the map. These hold valuable and more rare resources like Supper Alloy which are needed for various crafting items. Similar to the regular blue crates, loot them and deconstruct them to get the extra resources.

Build Food Grower As Soon As You Can

The Food Grower is one of the essential crafting items in the game which will allow you to never run out of food. However, you probably think that you have enough amount of Space Food for yourself but trust me, you need to get the Food Grower to get fresh food with even more capability of restoring your health.

You can unlock the Food Grower once your Oxygen production reaches the 12 ppt. After you have unlocked its blueprint, build several of them using the required resources and then plant the seeds that you have been finding to start growing food on your own.

Use the Accessibility Key Feature to do Multiple Crafting at Once and More

The Planet Crafter also has an Accessibility Key option which you can use to craft multiple items at once, sort inventory of the same item, and even spam build multiple structures. To use the Accessibility Key, all you have to do is press the Control Key on your Keyboard or the RB on your Controller while doing any of the actions.

Do Not Sleep on Upgrading Your Inventory and Gear

Exploring the unknown planet will let you gather several resources at once which can result in a shortage of inventory space. You can overcome the shortage of inventory by unlocking the blueprints of high-tier backpacks and then crafting them so that you can equip them to increase the inventory.

Moreover, your gear is equally important as your backpack as you hold several Microchips in your Gear Slots to use certain actions on the Go. Like Oxygen, Flashlight, Construct, and Deconstruct Microchips, you will be able to find more useful Microchips as you discover and explore the wreckage ships.

To be able to equip the Microchips, it is essential to have an available slot. Otherwise, you will have to juggle your microchips from time to time depending on the scenario.

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