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The top 5 for android and iOS apps to help you in business



The top 5 for android and iOS apps to help you in business

There are many businesses where activities are usually carried out on mobile devices, be it Android or iOS. This is usually because smartphones offer more prospects for installing supporting apps that could automate your business process.

In business activities, the mobile phone is usually famous for sending, communicating, scanning, and other similar activities. Your business activities become more efficient when you run it on your mobile phone because the mobile phone helps to carry out the activities immediately.
A further advantage of using the mobile phone in business or education is to check the plagiarism directly via the mobile phone.

In this article, we will discuss some of the activities carried out by the mobile and top apps for plagiarism checking.

How smartphone apps can help you in business and education:

Smartphone has become one of the most important devices in companies because business can become time-efficient without a smartphone. However, smartphones have helped companies to achieve extraordinary growth because there are various aspects in which smartphones help positively. For example, when sending a business email to a customer, the smartphone can be used to send it immediately.

There was a time when business people stayed active on their personal computers to see and respond to business activities, but now the trend has changed, as the smartphone has changed this to do business directly from your mobile phone, benefiting you, just as you can access your business from your mobile phone.

Similar to the economy, the smartphone is becoming increasingly important for students because time spent in education has also become more efficient. Students can send their tasks via smartphones, while they can also carry out their tasks with their smartphones.

However, as we have discussed the fact that there are a lot of smartphone apps for various purposes that help businesses, some of the apps are listed below:


Asana is one of the best apps that is helpful in business and education, while it can be downloaded for free for Android and iOS. It is a task manager that is usually used to assign a business or educational task to one of your members within the app.

You can easily add the board members relevant to the task by assigning the task directly to their profile. Besides, you can add the description or other important instructions to the task that inform the member about the task. The app also allows you to add attachments such as visuals in the task.

The app can be used for free if you use it for 15 people, while the app charges $9.99 per month per member for a full package. It is best for small businesses to use this app for free, while the large company should buy the premium version to meet their needs.


Students and entrepreneurs usually need to scan their official documents immediately, and it takes time to turn on your computer and use the scanner to scan. However, Camscanner is an application available on Android and iOS to help you scan the image directly from your phone.

You can easily open the app and scan where the app automatically aligns it to the standard. It allows you to change the app when scanning images or PDF documents. You can share the scanned document directly from your phone.

In the latest update of this app, there are many features based on artificial intelligence, which works more amazingly than image recognition helps convert the handwritten image into digital form.


This is a utility from that is available for both Android and iOS. Check the content material for free is feasible through this utility, while using this application is very easy.

This app has recently received a replacement that works amazingly well and, most importantly, has improved the functioning of the device. Its plagiarism checks across the Internet, including blogs, websites, YouTube descriptions, and social media posts, generate the report on the relationship or the original and copied sentences.

Some of the features of this amazing application include the spontaneous checker app that creates the file within seconds. Compared to others, this utility is a much better one than many of the others. You do not need a subscription to use this application as it offers the word limit of 500 free, while for more words you need to buy the package that starts at $10. It is a safe and secure way to check your content as it does not publish your data. There is the option to add your report or insert your textual content directly. It helps with PDF, Docx, and TXT report.

Adobe Acrobat

Many business documents are sent to your phone via WhatsApp or other messaging apps, and in this context, you need to download Adobe Acrobat. This application helps you to open the PDF file automatically and easily.
One of the reasons for using this application to view the PDF file.


Approximately 286 million people use PayPal, an online payment portal. PayPal is an essential application, especially if you have an online business, international business, or a business with many financial transactions.
PayPal is widely regarded as the global gateway for freelance payments, and in this regard, most IT students and relevant entrepreneurs need it regularly. PayPal is not a paid app; you just need to have the account you use on the website.


The above applications will help you increase business efficiency because many of the business owners use their mobile phones for business activities, but do not know the application, which is also important.
Most of the above apps offer a free version for their purposes, which means that these apps are inexpensive.

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