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Things you didn’t know your new PS5 could do



Things you didn't know your new PS5 could do

PlayStation 5 is already with us. The new Sony console is full of new features, but beyond the obvious, we tell you the secrets and things you may not have known you could do with your console.

We all love new consoles. The smell of new, the feel of grabbing and getting used to a new remote, the image of placing the new console in our living room or bedroom, and seeing how it compares to its big sisters… PlayStation 5 more than satisfies all our desires, with radical changes from PlayStation 4 that are obvious.

For example, their groundbreaking design (and huge size) does not go unnoticed by anyone. You probably don’t have anything remotely like it at home.

Its Dualsense controller also evolves from the DualShock 4, and this can be seen with the eyes and felt in the hands’ thanks to its haptic feedback sensors. And inside, if you’ve already had a PS4, you’ll have to get used to a redesigned top-to-bottom interface with plenty of new features.

However, in this article, we’ll review some of the new features, functions, and changes to PS5 that go unnoticed. In some cases, these are details that the console does not tell you explicitly, but there they are.

You can see your game hours (even the ones you will have on PS4)

One option that is usually very popular, but which was not available on PS4, was to check the hours you have spent on a game. This is possible to see on PS5. Simply access your profile and search in the games section.

You will be able to see all the games associated with your profile and the number of hours you have played them, along with the percentage of progress and trophies. And the surprise is that it not only indicates the titles played on PS5, but also those we have played with our profile on PS4.

Hide the spoilers

Some games are loaded with spoilers. Not only turns of the story, but also characters or scenarios that may appear. Although it’s almost impossible to be safe if you’re a social networker, it’s possible to get entrenched in PS5 and have all the notifications, messages, or news about parts of games you already have but haven’t completed yet hidden away.

Developers may also mark certain images as spoilers. To activate this, go to Settings and the Saved Data menu, there you will see the spoiler warning option for your new PS5.

Keep the same camera or difficulty settings in all games

Also in the Saved Data and Settings menu for games and applications you can activate the option for all games to automatically set the same difficulty, graphics or camera settings.

Shortcuts to buttons

As usual, the same buttons can be used differently depending on how you use them. Pressing the PlayStation central button once opens the control center drop-down menu, which overlaps with the game, but holding it down takes you straight to the Home menu.

Also, the Create button works similarly to the Share button on PS4. Press it once to open the Create menu. If you hold it down you take a screenshot. Press it twice quickly to start recording the video. Press it twice again to stop recording.

You can retrieve recent gameplay even if you weren’t recording

If something amazing happens to you in the game but you weren’t recording the game, you can also choose to save recent gameplay. To do this, open the Create menu and use the Save Recent Gameplay option. You can choose to Save Complete Video (the last hour that can continue if you have been playing for less than an hour), or Short Clip (between the last 15 seconds and 30 minutes.

You can edit videos as if it were a professional program

With those gameplays, you just saved you can share them on networks, take them to a computer with a USB to edit them… or edit them from the PS5 itself. The Share Factory program is included in all consoles, and you can cut and assemble video and audio clips in 4K and 60 fps… as well as add fun effects and filters (or download new ones).

You can disable the vibration and adaptive triggers of the DualSense

This is the console’s star feature: the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback sensors and adaptive triggers. They promise experiences that are impossible to replicate on other consoles. But if you don’t like the vibration or resistance of the triggers, you can disable them from the Settings – Accessories menu.

Listen to Spotify while you play

PS5 brings back another juicy feature: listening to Spotify music while playing on your PS5 by opening the control center (press the PS button) and selecting Music.

You can also use Spotify Connect to control the music from your mobile remotely. You can watch the song or podcast playing from a card in the control center, and of course, you can turn down the volume in the game to hear only your music… and sway to the movie soundtrack in Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales.

I enjoy playing games, and gaming is a passion of mine. Among my favorite games are Tears of the Kingdom, GTA, and Cyberpunk.

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