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V Rising: Best Location to get Gem Dust



V Rising: Best Location to get Gem Dust

V Rising is well known for its hostile Vampire Survival world. You have to get back your Vampire Lord status by building your castle back from scratch while you progress through the world of V Rising. The game is filled with different systems to help you in surviving.

Gem Dust is an important resource in the game, you mainly will use it to make yourself a Waygate which your vampire Lord will use for teleport to fast travel to different locations. There are Waygates spread all around the map.

In this guide, we will be covering how you can get Gem Dust and how you can use other gems that you farm in the game to salvage them into gem dust.

The recipe for unlocking Waygate which Gem Dust is required can be obtained after you defeat the Boss Polora the Freywalker.

Farming Gems and Gem Dust

The Rocks that give gems are spread and can be found in all the regions of V Rising. In the very early game region Farbane Woods, you will receive the Crude gems, or if you’re lucky you will also receive Gem Dust by breaking down the rocks. So, here is what the Rocks that include Gems look like.

Crude Gems will give you 4 Gem Dust if you salvage them but you require a machine in order to salvage gems. As you progress in the game to different regions you will get different rarity of Gems. You will get sapphire and Emerald gems as well in the Silverlight Hills region.

The Best place to get the higher quality gems is the Silverlight Hills region. You can go there to Brighthaven Slums or Brighthaven Square and you can kill enemies there and you can also find rare Gems from chests as well. You can also, roam in the wilderness and forest in the Silverlight Hills and find the Gem rocks which you can break down in order to get these gems and gems dust.

Harpy Nest

Happy Nest in the Silverlight Hills region is the best place if you want to farm for gem rocks. You can do farm routes in the Happy Nest and you will receive higher quality gems as well as gem dust directly from the gem rocks. Here, is the location of Happy Nest in the Silverlight Hills where you can go and farm for the Gem Dust.

Harpy Nest

As Harpy Nest is a tougher area and the gem rocks there also give you better Gem Dust drops, you will not get the Gem Dust all the time. You can get Flawless Gems as well and the Flawless Gems can be salvaged into a higher quantity of Gem Dust.

Salvaging Gems into Gem Dust

You need a machine called Devourer in order to salvage Gems into Gem Dust. You will use the Devourer to put your different quality gems in it and it will salvage them into gem dust varying on the quality of the gems.

After you’ve defeated her and unlocked the Devourer. You just need to craft it and place it in your castle. The best tactic and the best gem to use is the easiest gem you can farm which is the Crude Gem. You can do farm runs for Crude Gems which will give you 4 Gem Dust. You can go to Farbane Woods at the very start of the game and can farm Crude Gems. Farm as much as Crude Gems you can, put them in the Devourer and you have yourself a good amount of Gem Dust available. You can then use this Gem Dust to make yourself the Waygates which you can use for teleportation. It can also be used in crafting silver weapons as well. So, Gem Dust will help you a lot in-game and is a useful resource as well. In order to unlock the Devourer, you will need to defeat the Boss Lidia the Chaos Archer. For a detailed guide on how to defeat _ Lidia the chaos archer.

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