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V Rising: How to Get Flower Seeds & Farm



V Rising: How to Get Flower Seeds & Farm

V Rising is a survival game and players establish their base to survive in the dark world of Vardoran. Like most the survival games, the farming mechanic is also in the V Rising and players can start their own farms in their territory. Farming has a couple of benefits that we will cover in this guide. We’ll tell you about the Plant Seeds & how to make your farm.

How to Get Plant Seeds & Start Farm

While exploring the world, you would have gone through different farms and harvested different plants, cotton, etc. The Plants or Flowers are used to craft different potions that give buffs to you or heal you. But in order to get the flowers, you’d have to go all the way to different farms and places to harvest them. After that, you’ll use them to craft different consumables.

But if you want to grow the plants in your territory then you wouldn’t have to go anywhere to get plants and that is the only reason plant seeds are for. But before we get into, how to get plant seeds, you need to have Garden Floors unlocked for your castle on which you can place the plant seeds. You can also place them outside your castle walls but in the given space of your territory if there is grass outside. You cannot place them outside the border of your territory. There is also the danger of other players as well, they can take your flowers or can destroy the planted seeds. That is why the Garden Floors are necessary because you can allocate space inside your castle and grow flowers inside your castle walls and they’ll be safe.

To get the Garden Floors, you need to defeat Polora the Feywalker. She is a level-34 boss in the Farbane Woods region and she can be found in the Gleaming Meadows area.

How to Get Plant Seeds & Start Farm

After unlocking the Garden Floors, you can now start your own farm in your castle. Place the Garden Floors by going into the Building Mode by pressing B on the desired space in your castle. Now after placing enough Garden Floors, you need to have the Plant Seeds that you can place.

There are a few ways to get the Plant Seeds in V Rising. The basic one is to get the plant seeds by harvesting the plants. While harvesting you can get plant seeds but they are very rare. You can also get the Plant Seeds by defeating the world bosses, they also drop the plant seeds when you kill them. You can find plant seeds in the chests as well. In the Farbane Woods region, loot the Bandit Camps area chests and you’ll find some seeds in them. In the Dunley Farmlands region, you can loot Militia Encampments areas chests and you’ll find plant seeds in them too.

There is also another way of getting plant seeds and in that way, you can get the plant seeds that you most need. You can buy it from traders around the world. There are three traders in V rising and they all offer all plant seeds and you can buy them from them. But the traders don’t trade with vampires, you have to go in the form of a human which can be unlocked by defeating Beatrice the tailor. She is a level-38 boss roaming around the villages of Dunley Farmlands region. You’d also need silver coins because you’ll buy the plant seeds with the silver coins from the traders. In order to carry the silver coins, you’d need to have Silver Resistance Potion with you because you’ll get weaker while carrying the silver. By getting all of these things, you can just go to the traders and buy whatever plant seed that you need and come back to your castle and plant it on your farm.

After getting the Plant Seeds and growing Plants on your farm, you can easily harvest them and use them to craft different potions and heals.

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