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V Rising: How to get Copper



V Rising: How to get Copper

In V Rising game, you need to get resources to craft better equipment or upgrade your base items. Before you get to craft the leather equipment and upgrade, you can also craft the copper equipment as well. So, if you want to farm the copper then this guide is for you because we tell you where can you get a ton of copper.

Where to Get Ton of Copper

You probably need copper for better equipment and upgrading your base so there is a place in the Farbane Woods where you can get a ton of copper. The place you want to go is the Bandit Copper Mine from where you get the Copper Ores and Copper Ingot which are the things that you need. This place has a ton of Copper Ores that you can get by hitting the rocks with the Mace.

Where to Get Ton of Copper

This place is west of the Farbane Woods so, you can get easily there without struggling a lot. One more thing that benefits you to get copper in this place is that the copper you find will be in the cave so, there’ll be no sunlight to deal with and you can just go there in the daylight and just farm the copper through copper ores.

The enemies in this area are also not that much of a higher level, you’ll face enemies levels of 16-20 which are not tough. If you want to farm the copper here then you can also place your Castle Heart near this place as well so, you don’t have to travel again and again from your base.

There are also other resources that you can find in this place, including iron and jewel stones. You can find some treasure as well in this cave and there is also a V Blood enemy in this cave as well that you can take down and get new abilities and stuff. The name of the V Blood will be Errol the Stonebreaker.

Where to Get Ton of Copper

The area around the Bandit Copper Mine is also very resourceful, you can get Woods, Stones, and Animal Hides as well. So, this place is best to farm the Copper in the early game and upgrade your equipment and the base.

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