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V Rising: Beginner’s Guide



V Rising: Beginner’s Guide

V Rising is a new MMO game that has a lot of mechanics just like any other MMO game but what makes it unique is that in this game there are players playing as a vampire. With the vampire character, there are also mechanics which are related to vampires and very important to understand because new players would not understand the all mechanics of the game and the things happening around them, and how to get away from certain things.

If you want to start the game but don’t know how to start off the game and learn the basics and important things to survive then this guide is for you.

Start in the Right Server Type

When you start the game, the game will ask you which server type you want to start your game. There are two types of servers in which there is PvE server and PvP server. Now there is a difference in both the server, in the PvE server, you cannot attack the other vampires who basically are the other players nor they can attack you. You cannot invade or raid their castle and steal their resources. This server type is best for the players who are new to the game and want to learn all aspects of the game.

In a PvP server, you can attack the other players and there is a certain time for raiding the other players’ castle. You cannot raid after that time or before that time and mostly all of the vampire players would go raiding at that time on the server which makes it very hard for the new players to protect their castle base.

If you want to learn the game first and learn all the mechanics of healing, fighting, crafting, and progressing then you should go with the PvE server but if you want to attack other players as well and raid their castles along with the game objectives then you can choose the PvP server.

Build Your Castle

After selecting a suitable server for yourself, you’ll start off in the Farbane Woods region. You can explore the area around you and get some resources at the beginning as well by hunting down animals. But what you need to do at the start of the game is to make a castle of yours which will be your base.

Now to make the base, you’d have a Castle Heart that you need to place on the ground to make the particular portion of the area your base. But don’t place the Castle Heart in a hurry, explore the area and place the Castle Heart somewhere near the useful resources area. After finding a suitable area for yourself, place the Castle Heart and your base will be allocated.

Build Your Castle

There is a timer for Castle Heart to be fortified as well, it consumes the Blood Essence as a power to stay fortified for a longer period of time. You need to get the Blood Essence and put it in the Castle Heart so it won’t fall. Blood Essence is an energy source that is distilled from blood so, you can get it by killing animals or humans.

Expanding the Castle

After placing the Castle Heart, you need to place the borders around it to be safe from the enemies. The border expands the base from the position of the Castle Heart, if you place the border farther from the Castle Heart, your base would be bigger but you’d need to place more borders to cover all the space around the Castle Heart. 1 border will cost 2 Blood Essence and 20 Stones. So, make sure to place the borders first to cover the open space so, the enemies won’t be able to attack you in your base.

Now the first thing you want to place in the base is the Coffin. The reason for putting Coffin in the base is because it actually would be your spawn point. If you die anywhere, you’d spawn on the location of your Coffin.

After putting the Coffin, your next goal is to place the Simple Workbench in your Castle. The Simple Workbench would cost 8 Planks, 80 Stones, and 120 Animal Hides. But you cannot get planks as it is, you need to convert them from the wood or lumber so in order to do that you need to place the sawmill first in your Castle. For Sawmill, you need 400 Lumber and 80 Stones. Once you’ve placed the sawmill then you can convert the word or lumber into the planks. Then you can make the Simple Workbench. In simple Workbench, you can create better gear and weapons which is very important in this game.

Expanding the Castle

Quests & Blood Altar

When you start the game, you would have seen some objectives in the top-left corner, these are the quests that mostly all the players follow in the starting game but later on these quests would become harder to understand and require some side quest to complete first in order to unlock. That’s where the Blood Altar would come in. Blood Altar gives you the track of the enemies that you can kill and unlock new skills and recipes for you so you can craft better gear. Eliminating these enemies can be really useful for you and it also helps in progressing the game and unlocking new main quests.

Quests & Blood Altar

Signs of the Sunlight

One of the most important mechanics that you need to know is the signs of the sunlight, if you are going on a hunt in the daylight then you’d see an orange light reflecting on you, which means you’d get damaged in the sunlight and you need to find a shade. If you don’t find the shade, you’d be dead in seconds. The sunlight damage 10-20% per second and if your character has not much health then you’d be dead so you want to get in the shade if you experience any one of the following signs in the daylight.

  • Orange light from the sky.
  • Screen will go brighter in daylight
  • A sound starts to play and grows louder gradually.

These are all the signs that you’ll experience in the daylight hunting so, make sure to travel through the shadows so, you don’t take much damage.

Blood Types

There are blood types in this game which means you get the specific qualities by consuming a particular blood type. You can look at the blood type while fighting an enemy and it will show you the percentage of the blood you get and the type of the blood.

Blood Types

The Creature Blood type will give you movement speed and sunlight resistance. The Worker Blood type will give you the ability to better mine and gather yields. The Rogue Blood type will increase your damage potential and Crit chance.

Locate Resources

Finding resources can be difficult in other MMO games but in V Rising you can locate and gather info on the resources just by looking at your map. The map is the most important equipment when it comes to finding the place for specific resources. There are marks of interest on the map that’ll tell you about the area and most importantly what exactly the resources you can get from that area.

So, if you want to gather a specific resource then just open your map and look for a place that has the resource you want. Travel there and gather the resource to your requirement.

Travelling & Transportation

Now for traveling, you can just go on your two feet which will take a long time and you’d run into a lot of fights and face the sunlight as well if you are traveling in the daylight. There is the fastest way to travel from one place to another but that is very limited. That is due to Vampire Gateways, it will teleport you instantly from one place to the other.

You can also travel on the horse but you need to keep it alive as well or you can just use Wolf Form, your first skill that you get by eliminating a boss enemy. It’ll also increase your speed and you can rest at the places as well.

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