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VALHEIM Mistlands: How to Craft Black Forge



VALHEIM Mistlands: How to Craft Black Forge

VALHEIM new update MIstlands has a ton of new content along with new crafting items and weapons. As players explore the Valheim World and slay the Elder Bosses, they will also have to upgrade their armor and weapons to keep up on the level to defeat the enemies. One of the new items that are required to make all of the new weapons and armor is a Black Forge.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft the Black Forge in VALHEIM Mistlands.

Black Forge

Black Forge is one of the new workstations added in the game for weapons and armor that are newly added to the game which will help players get through the Mist of Mistlands along with other useful Buffs. As from the name, it is crafted with specific resources and players can find them in the Mistlands. To unlock the crafting recipe for Black Forge, players must collect one of its resources and all of the resources of Black Forge can be found in the Mistlands.

    Crafting Black Forge

    To craft the Black Forge, players will have to gather the following resources.

    • 10x Black Marble
    • 10x Yggdrasil Wood
    • 5x Black Cores

    The Black Marble is obtained by mining the Petrified Bones with a Black Metal Pickaxe. You will find many Petrified Bones in the Mistlands but due to the Mist, it is difficult to locate the bones so you will have to do a little bit of exploring to get all the required Black Marble.

    Yggdrasil Wood is obtained by Yggdrasil Roots and Branches in the Mistlands. You just need to chop down the Roots and Branches with Black Metal Axe to get the Yggdrasil Wood. Search for the trees in the Mistlands and you will see plenty of Roots and Branches on the ground.

    The Black Core is the new resource added to the dungeons. Players will be able to find the Black Cores in the new dungeon named Infested Mines in the Mistlands. This dungeon can be identified by the giant rocks above the staircase. The Mist will make it difficult to see the dungeon so, you will have to do a bit of exploring. While the exploration if you encounter a Bug named “Seekers” then you will be close to the Infested Mines. To get inside the Dungeon, you will have to go up the staircase and go in the room ahead and go down the stairs in the room to enter the Infested Mines. In the Infested Mines, you will see the Black Core placed on a torch.

    After getting all the Resources, you will be able to build Black Forge by using the Hammer Tool. Equip the Hammer Tool in your hand and open the Build Menu by Right-Click. In the Build Menu, switch to Crafting Tab and you will see Black Forge crafting item. Select the Black Forge to craft the new workstation for the new Weapon and Armor Sets.

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