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VALHEIM Mistlands: How to Craft Mistwalker (Sword)



VALHEIM Mistlands: How to Craft Mistwalker (Sword)

VALHEIM new update MIstlands has a ton of new content along with new crafting items and weapons. As players explore the Valheim World and slay the Elder Bosses, they will also have to upgrade their armor and weapons to keep up on the level to defeat the enemies. In the new area known as Mistlands, it is very difficult to see as Mist blocking all the visions and it is difficult to go on your journey but one of the new weapons added to the game can be used to solve the problem of Mist.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft Mistwalker (Sword) in VALHEIM Mistlands.

Mistwalker (Sword)

Mistwalker is a One-Handed new sword added to the game that can only be crafted with Black Forge. Black Forge is a new working station that can be crafted in the base of the players. Players will unlock the Mistwalker recipe by crafting the Black Forge and when they access the workstation, they will see the Mistwalker in the list of crafting weapons.

Mistwalker has a Durability of 200 with a Primary attack of 75 Slash and 40 Frost. By using the Secondary attack, you can increase the damage of the output attacks up to 225 Slash and 120 Frost. The other major thing that this weapon is very useful is because it clears the Mist close to the player. Players using this weapon will be able to see exactly where they are going in the Mistlands. They can easily find their way to the dungeons or any other locations in the Mistlands.

Crafting Mistwalker (Sword)

Mistwalker can be crafted with the following resources.

  • 3x Fine Wood
  • 15x Iron
  • 10x Refined Eitr
  • 3x Wisp

Fine Wood is obtained by chopping down Oak and Birch Trees in the Meadows or Plains biomes. Use the Bronze Axe or above to chop down the trees to get the Fine Wood. While Iron is obtained by smelting down the Scrap Iron in the Smelter. Refined Eitr can only be obtained from Eitr Refinery which can be built in your base so, make sure to build it and then obtain the Refined Eitr. Wisp can be obtained only at the night from the Wisp Fountain but you will get 3 to 4 Wisps every night so, make sure to collect them.

Once you have collected all the resources, go to the Black Forge workstation in your base. Use the Black Forge and go into the Craft tab to view all the items that you can craft. Scroll down to find the Mistwalker in the list. Select the Mistwalker and click on the Craft option to craft the Mistwalker (Sword).

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