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Victoria 3: Goods and Resources



Victoria 3: Goods and Resources

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game in which players can lead their nation through social, political, and industrial change. Players can lead their nation all by themselves or with their friends. One of the major things in leading a nation is to give Goods and Resources to the people of the nation so the nation becomes productive and wealthier.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Goods and Resources work in Victoria 3.


Goods are the items that are mainly for your people of the nation. However, there are four different types of Goods in Victoria 3.

  • Staple
  • Industrial
  • Luxury
  • Military

These goods feed your population, fuel your economy, enrich your people, equip your military, and also give certain addictions but the addictions can be quit whenever you want. The first use of goods is meeting your population’s needs. Each pop has various needs, which they’ll try to fulfill by buying the goods. If they’re able to get these goods, they’ll become wealthier.

Wealthier pops are more productive, more capable, and more loyal to their government. Although, they will demand more luxurious goods. If they can’t fulfill their needs, they’ll become increasingly destitute, Sterile, unproductive, and radicalized but they’ll also have lower expectations, making it easier to get back in their good graces.

Some goods are also treated differently by pops, such as being substitutable like in the case of Basic Food, or being more or less likely to purchase them if it’s an obsession or taboo. For example, the British have an obsession with Tea, and the Chinese have an obsession with Opium. Meanwhile, the Arabs have a taboo against Alcohol. The other use of Goods is to supply buildings as input goods so they can be turned into output goods.


Resources are gathered by the government and the resources are the goods that are consumed by the government. The goods come from your states and each state has Arable Land and Resource Potential. Arable Land is the maximum amount of agriculture a state can handle. Resource Potentials determine what and how much of each natural resource you can extract. So, if you want to produce Coal, you can only do it in a state with coal as a Resource Potential, and you can’t produce more than the limit allows.

Victoria 3: Goods and Resources

It’s also possible to discover gold, oil, and rubber in your provinces which will add them as Resource Potential. The chances of finding them can also be increased with certain technologies. You can find information on where each good Resource Potentials are, where it’s being produced, and where it’s being consumed on the Goods Information page. The basic goods can be produced from your states. Superior Tools, Luxurious Goods, and powerful weapons need to be manufactured which can be done in Buildings mechanics.

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