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Victoria 3: How to Demobilize Your Army



Victoria 3: How to Demobilize Your Army

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy base game that is a long-awaited successor of Victoria 2 from Paradox Interactive Studio but as it is in the early stage it does have some issues. One of the issues that players are facing is the demobilization of their armies in a war.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to demobilize your army in Victoria 3.

Demobilizing the Army

The demobilization of your army means that you put down your army in the war for a certain time and conscript them again but in Victoria 3, once you’ve conscripted your army in an area, you won’t be able to demobilize them until the war is over. Conscripting the troops mean you are now paying for them and your military wages graph will be going up. Make sure to check on the military wages graph to keep in check your money because you don’t want to get bankrupt.

If you have a good amount of money in military wages then you can conscript the troops in the different areas during the war to give you an edge on winning the battles. If you are bankrupt and you got yourself in a war with another country or your military wages ran out during the war, you don’t want to conscript more troops in the war and get bankrupt. Since there is no option to stop the troops, you’ll have to wait for the war to be over.

Since wars are expensive and you think you don’t have enough wages for your military, you can also end the war by clicking on the Capitulate button in the War symbol on the screen. You can also try and make peace deals with the opposing country to end the war as well.

Victoria 3: How to Demobilize Your Army

We think that this has been an oversight by the developers and they might add the option to demobilize the army during the war in future updates.

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