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Victoria 3: How to Increase Population



Victoria 3: How to Increase Population

In Victoria 3, you’ll have to look through several things for the betterment of your country and its people and you can also increase the population of your country. The population is not static in Victoria 3 and as your country progresses in Rank, the population of your country also increases and you can do several things as well to increase it quickly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase the population in Victoria 3.

Increasing Population

The Population of your country consists of different types of people and each person has their own needs. One of the most important tasks for you is to make sure you are fulfilling the needs of your people because it increases their Standard of Living which makes them Happier and Wealthier.

The people’s needs are the goods that you have to put under control so their market prices won’t go up and every person can buy them and fulfill their needs. The basic goods of almost every pop are Grain, Clothes, and Furniture. All of these basic needs increase the Standard of Living and if the Standard of Living is increasing for Pops, it means the population of your country will increase. Making your population happy will increase some percentage of the population so make sure to contain all the basic needs under control.

There are also other things as well that you can do to further increase the population of your country. You can pass laws as well in favor of Women like Prospertied Women (Rights of Women). If you get Legal Guardianship for Women of Rights, the birth rate will increase to 5%. You can also pass Public Health Insurance which will increase by 5% Mortality. The Multiculturalism law allows to decrease the discrimination and it’ll also increase the population in your country. If your people are safe and they are not discriminated against then they’ll be just happy which increases the Standard of Living and population. The No Home Affairs law with the Guaranteed Liberty also makes people happier and increases the Standard of Living.

You can also invest bureaucracy in institutions for No Home Affairs and upgrade it to level 5 for a maximum percentage increase in Standard of Living. The Propagandists also increase the population by letting people migrate into your country. Make sure to select a Propagandist in your government to get the migration benefit to increase the population.

The increase in population will benefit you in the end because you get to tax more people and since the people are getting wealthier you can tax them even higher to get more income and create your armies increase military wages and much more.

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