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Wartales – How to Craft Items




There are a number of mechanics that players will have to learn in order to play Wartales more efficiently. One of the useful mechanics in the game is Crafting. The crafting can be done on a station named “Workshop” that will allow you to craft different tools and miscellaneous for your journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do crafting in Wartales.

Using Workshop

The Workshop can only be used by a character whose profession is “Tinkerer”. The Tinkerer has the ability to use the materials and resources and turn them into a useful tool or item that will help you ahead in the journey. There should be one Tinkerer in your group to use the Workshop. If you don’t have any Tinkerers then you will have to reassign the roles to one of your characters in the group.

Select Tinkerer

Simply select the character and then Right Click on his role to reassign the role. Select the “Tinkerer” role to make the character eligible to use the workshop.


Once you have done that, press the C Button to set up the camp and you will see the Workshop Bench. Now, select the bench to open up the menu to view all of the items and tools you can make with your gathered materials and resources.

Craft at Workshop

Now, in order to craft an item or a tool, select the item from the category on the left side and then select the amount of that item you want to craft. After setting the amount, select the “Craft” option to craft the items. Now, you will be able to use the items and tools on your journey. There are a number of categories from which you can select different items. As you gather more materials, you will be able to craft them while camping.

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