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Wartales – How to Sprint




Sprint is one of the most useful abilities that you must get as soon as possible in the game. By default, your character and mercenaries will not be able to run faster or sprint unless you unlock the Sprint ability. As the game is so immersive, there are a number of abilities that players will need to get as they progress through the game to make the journey easier.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Sprint in Wartales.

Unlock Run Ability

If you have played Wartales from the initial release then you might have an idea about the mechanic “Knowledge”. If don’t then worry not, read along with the guide to know how Knowledge works. Knowledge is gained by the earned experience by progressing in the game. Each one of your mercenaries is a specialist in some kind of profession and if you use your mercenaries to do the work in their required field, they will gain experience.


By gaining a required number of experience with your character or your mercenaries, you will gain a knowledge Point. Now, you can select the knowledge by clicking on the top left of the screen. It will open a window through which you will be able to learn new skills and abilities that will help you in your journey.

Now, when you click on the knowledge, the very first ability that you will be able to learn is “Run”. It will only cost 1 Knowledge Point so, whenever you earn 1 Knowledge Point just learn this ability to teach your character and group to run.

Run Ability

Use Run Ability

The Run ability is very simple to use. You just need to hold down the “Shift” button to run. Your character and your group will run which will help you travel a lot faster than regular walking. However, there is a Stamina Meter so you will have to refill it once it gets depleted. Once the Stamina Meter is full again you can run again.

Stamina Meter

Sprint Ability can also be used to get out of combat. If you are minding your own business and traveling on road and get jumped on by animals or enemies. You can simply just run out of their vicinity to escape the battle.

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