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Wartales – How to Get Iron Ores



Iron Ores

Materials are very useful in Wartales as they will be used to craft a handful of tools and weapons for your journey. One of the useful materials that you need to get is Iron Ore. Iron Ores are used to make a number of handful tools as well as weapons that will help you get more loot and food in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Iron Ores in Wartales.

Get inside the Mine

In order to do mining, the very first step that you need to do is to enter the mine. It sounds easy but it will require certain terms. Whenever you enter a mine, you will get to meet a person which will tell you that you are not welcome inside the mine. Here, you will get different choices that will make the NPC allow you to enter the mine. The choices you will get are the following.

  • Pay
  • Threaten
  • Persuade
  • Leave

Now, paying the miner is a very easy option but it can be expensive sometimes. If you have enough gold then you can select the Pay option to get into the Mine. Threaten option is a bit harsh which will increase your “Suspicion”. It is not very idle but if you want to be harsh then you can select this as well. Persuade is a gentle term that can only be done if you have enough “Influence”. The influence is earned by defeating the enemies and helping the NPCs. If you don’t have any of the required terms then you can select Leave to get out of the mine.

Agree Terms

Get Iron Ores

Once you have gained access to the Mine, you will be able to interact with different items in the mine. There will be Iron Stones that you can mine but you will have to make one of your mercenaries a “Miner”. Select the character and then select the role of “Miner”. Now, select the Iron Stone that you want to mine and it will initiate a mini-game.

Select Miner

You will see two circles and whenever both circles overlap each other, you will have to press the “Left Click”. It will take 4-5 times in order to mine the full Iron Stone. Once you have mined the stone, you will get 7-10 Iron Ores at once. You can also get precious gems from mining the stones which can be sold for a decent amount of Gold.

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