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Wartales – How to Catch Fish




Food is a very important resource in the game because it will be the only thing that will make you and your group of mercenaries keep going on the journey. You can find food through various methods but one of the easiest ways to get food for your whole camp is by fishing. Fishing will get you enough food to rest for the whole day and increase the happiness of your group.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to catch Fish in Wartales.

Fishing Requirements

In order to catch the fish, you will be required a Fishing Hook. A Fishing Hook is a miscellaneous item that can be crafted at a Workshop by Tinkerer. Open up the camp by pressing the C Button and then access the Workshop. Select the Fishing Hook and craft it. One Fishing Hook will cost 1 Iron Ore.

Craft Fish Hook

Once you have the Fishing Hook, the next thing you need to find is a place where you can fish. Fish can be found in a place called the “Shoal of Fish”. There are a number of these spots scattered around the world map. The last thing that is required is the “Angler” profession. One of your mercenaries must have a profession of Angler in order to catch the fish. You can change the profession of your character by right-clicking on them as well.


Go to the Shoal of Fish and Left Click on the spot. It will trigger a mini-game through which you will be able to catch the fish. Left Click to toss the fishing line in the water and then you need to repeatedly press the Left Click to keep the white line in between the two red bars. If you keep the line in the middle, you will catch the fish. If the line reaches the red bar, you will not catch the fish.

Fishing Mini-Game

1 Fishing Hook can only catch three fish in total so, when you catch three fish, your fishing hook will break. To catch more fish, you will have to make more fishing hooks.

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