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Minecraft Legends – How to Gather Resources



Minecraft Legends

There are a number of resources that players will have to gather in Minecraft Legends to secure a village from Piglins as well as upgrade the defenses and stats of your Hero. Resources are required in each crafting recipe so players will have to gather resources right from the beginning of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to gather resources in Minecraft Legends.

Gathering Resources

Gathering resources in Minecraft Legends is a bit different than the original Minecraft. You will meet a number of allies at the very beginning of the game these allies play an important role in gathering the resources for you. Your character can order them to gather certain resources from the biomes in the overworld.

To gather the resources, all you have to do is to go into the Build Mode by pressing the “Right Click”. You will see a Box and the vicinity around the box. Place the box in the center of the structures from where you can get resources by using the Mouse. Once you have placed the box at your desired position, press the “Left-Click” to confirm the placement to gather the resources. One of your allies will gather the resources for you and you will get the resources in your inventory.

Gather Resources

Now, some of the resources can be gathered from destroying the Pilgrins’ buildings. When you enter the Pilgrins’ base, you need to destroy the portal or buildings to gather the resources. These resources will be more valuable which will help you increase the stats of your character and unlock new recipes. Some of the resources can also be gathered from looting the Chests.

There are a number of chests scattered throughout the biomes of the overworld. Go to the chests and interact with them to gain the resources. Some of the resources are bound to certain biomes so, make sure to visit all of the biomes from time to time to get the required resources for your journey.

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