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Minecraft Legends – How to Get Gold




Gold is one of the resources in Minecraft Legends but it is not any ordinary resource. It is a war material and that is what makes it different from the rest of the resources in the game. Gaining Gold is totally different from the rest of the resources in the game as there are no biomes that originally produce Gold in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Gold in Minecraft Legends.

Getting Gold

Gold is a war material and the only place where you will be able to get Gold is by destroying the Piglins Structures. Gold is held by Piglins at their outposts and their War Machines and Structures are built by Gold itself. When you destroy the structures, you will get a couple of Gold resources from them. Some of the Piglins weapons are also made up of Gold so, if you fight any Piglin with a canon, you can get a couple of gold from defeating that Piglin as well.

However, a large number of Gold is held inside the Piglins Chest. These Chests can be found inside the Piglins Outposts. These Outposts are scattered across the Overworld and marked with a Piglins Horde sign on the map. If you hover over these locations, you will also see the rewards for invading these hordes are Prismarine and Gold.

Location of Gold Resource

You can invade these Piglins Hordes and can get access to the Piglins Chest to gain a large number of Gold in a single time. Gathering Gold can be time taken so, you will have to go with full preparation to successfully invade Piglins Outpost. Gathering Gold will also unlock new improvement recipes for the Well of Fate that you can build. Press the R button to view the new unlocked recipes that you can build with Gold.

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