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Minecraft Legends – How to Get Iron




There are a number of resources in Minecraft Legends that players can get in the overworld. One of the resources that players need to get for improvement is Iron. Iron can be obtained from different biomes in the overworld. You will have to go to the certain biomes to get the iron.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Iron in Minecraft Legends.

Getting Iron

Iron is one of the early game resources for which you have to improve your Well of Fate which is your main base in the game. Open the map to see the location of Well of Fate and make your way to the Well of Fate. Once you are there, press the V button to open the Improvement Hotbar and you will see the “Improvement: Gather Iron”. Make the Gather Iron improvement and you will unlock the melody to gather iron.

Gather iron improvement

Once you have unlocked the melody, you an find the Iron in the following biomes.

  • Fatelands
  • Forest
  • Dry Savanna

Open the map to locate the biomes and each of the biomes will show you the resources that you can get from the areas. Go to the one that has iron and then you need to press the Z button and then Right Click to go into the Building Mode. Place the box in the middle of the Iron and then Left Click to confirm the placement. The melody will gather the Iron for you.

You will be needing iron in making of new structures later in the game so, make sure that you gather enough iron for future building.

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