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Minecraft Legends – How to Fast Travel



Fast Travel

Minecraft Legends also has a fast-travel mechanic that players can use but there are some things that you need to understand before you get to use it frequently. It will help you get to far places without riding your mount for several minutes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Fast Travel in Minecraft Legends.

Fast Travel in Minecraft Legends

The Fast Travel in Minecraft legends can only be done on the located villages and wells that you have built around the overworld. When you start the game, you will liberate a number of villages from the Piglins and once you have done that, each village will be available for you to fast-travel. You just need to open the map and select the liberated village and then press the “Spacebar key” to fast travel to the location.

If you want to fast travel other than the villages then you will have to place the wellhouses. Wellhouse will cost a handful number of resources so, make sure have enough resources to build and place a wellhouse on your choice on the map. Building a Wellhouse will require the following resources.

Once you have gathered all of these resources, you will unlock the Wellhouse structure. Press the C button to go into the Building Hotbar and then select the Wellhouse structre. Now, place the Wellhouse structure on the location you want and you will be able to fast travel to it. You just need to open the map and you will see the placed wellhouse on the map. Press the Spacebar key to fast travel to the map.

Well of Fate Fast Travel point

As you progress ahead in the game, you will gather more of the resources and you will be able to place a number of wellhouses on the map which will make things a lot easier. 

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