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Minecraft Legends – How to Destroy the Night Beacon



Night Beacon

The Night Beacon is the portal that keeps sending the Piglins Army into the Overworld. You will have to destroy the Night Beacons in order to stop the invasion of Piglins. There are a number of Night Beacons spread across the Overworld that you will have to take down in the main story of Minecraft Legends.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Destroy the Night Beacon in Minecraft Legends.

Destroying Night Beacon

Night Beacons are inside each of the main Piglins Outposts. These Outposts will be marked on your map and they will also be marked with a difficulty. If you see a low number of towers on the side of Night Beacon, it means its difficulty is easy. If it has four towers, it means its difficulty is normal. If it has more than four towers then it means its difficulty is higher. The higher-difficulty Outposts are tricky to invade so, you will have to get more improvements for your Golems.

Once you have decided to invade an outpost with a Night Beacon, you need to focus on destroying the Night Beacon. Destroying the Night Beacon will destroy the other Piglins Structures as well but sometimes taking out the Towers and Machines near the Night Beacon will be helpful. Taking out the closest machines of Piglins will increase the chances for your Golems to stick to the Night Beacon and destroy it.

If you don’t destroy the towers and machines, they will launch arrows and projectiles at your Golems and you will have to spawn more Golems every couple of minutes. So, it is better to take out the structures first. However, if you are going for an easier Outpost then you can straight rush to the Night Beacon and order your whole Cobblestone Golems to attack the Night Beacon. The more Cobblestones in your group the more quickly, they will break the Night Beacon.

Destroying Night Beacon

Destroying the Night Beacon will increase your progress in the main story of the game so, make sure to improve your structures and Golems at the Well of Fate and then take down the Piglins Outposts to destroy the Night Beacons.

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