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Minecraft Legends – How to Increase Resources Storage



Increase Storage

There are various Resources in Minecraft legends that players will have to get in order to unlock new improvements as well as build the required structures. As you progress in the game, you will come to find out that you can only gather a specific number of certain resources. The gathered resources might not fulfill the cause you are trying to achieve so for that, you will have to upgrade your resources storage.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase Resources Storage in Minecraft Legends.

Upgrade Ally Storage

If you are facing the issue of insufficient resources for building an improvement but you have the max number of resources in your inventory then you need to upgrade your Storage so, you can hold more resources. In order to do that, you will have to upgrade an improvement named “Ally Storage” at the Well of Fate.

The Well of Fate is your main base in the Overworld and you can do all improvements at that base to keep improving your Golems and playstyle. The Ally Storage improvement requires the following resources to be placed at the Well of Fate.

Improvement: Ally Storage

You need to get each 1 of the resources to unlock the recipe and once you have the sufficient number of resources, you will be able to build the Ally Storage. Press the V Button and then select the Ally Storage recipe and place it near the structure. It will increase your storage by the following numbers.

  • +500 Wood
  • +500 Stone
  • +150 Lapis
  • +150 Prismarine
  • +150 Gold

These numbers will be the addition to the original number of resources that you can carry so, it will be enough until the mid-game. As you progress ahead, you will find more resources which will unlock more recipes and you can increase the storage for other resources further later in the game.

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