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Minecraft Legends – How to Get Diamonds




One of the important resources in the game that players will have to gather to unlock more improved upgrades at the Well of Fate is a Diamond. Diamond is one of the resources that players can get in the early hours of the game. Diamonds are bound to certain biomes just like other resources so, you will have to get them from certain biomes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Diamonds in Minecraft Legends.

Getting Diamond

Diamonds can be obtained from certain biomes which we will discuss in a moment but before you get the diamonds, you will have to unlock the melody for it. The starting melodies that you get in the game are just for Wood and Stone and in order to get other resources, you will have to unlock a certain melody for each resource. To unlock the melody for Diamond Resource, you will have to place the “Improvement: Gather Diamond” at the Well of Fate.

The Well of Fate is your main base in the game which can be seen on the map. To unlock the improvement, fast travel to the Well of Fate and press the V Button to view the improvements. Select the Gather Diamond improvement and place it on the side of the structure at the well. It will cost you 100x Stone and 100x Prismarine.

Improvement: Gather Diamond

Once you have built the Gather Diamond Improvement, you will be able to gather the diamonds. Now, open the map to see which biomes have diamond resources. You can find large veins of diamonds in the following biomes of the Overworld.

  • Jagged Peaks
  • Tundra

Both of these biomes have a ton of diamonds that you can gather by simply playing the melody near the veins of diamonds. Press the Z button and then Right Click to go into the Building Mode. Place the box in the middle of the Iron and then Left Click to confirm the placement. The melody will gather the diamonds for you.

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