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Weird West: Secret Stash: Dying Stillwater Quest



Weird West: Secret Stash: Dying Stillwater Quest

In Weird West, you get a lot of loot from the enemies you have killed and from your surroundings as well. But there is also some hidden Loot that you can get in Weird West. For these loots, you have to get a treasure map with the loot location marked on it and then you can go to the location and get the loot. Once you pick up a treasure map it’ll start a side quest for the loot and you can complete it whenever you like. There is one secret stash side quest that you can get access to early in-game.

Secret Stash: Dying Stillwater Quest

As you progress through the main story of the game as a Bounty Hunter, you’ll be looking for information about your husband and you’ll come across an area named Greenwood Run. You’ll need to go to the cave which can be accessed by going down the well using a rope.

When you get down there, you’ll see a person laying on a bed with injuries. His name would be Dean Stillwater who is a Stillwater Ranger, when you talk to him, he would ask for your help. He would ask for some bandages and when you give him the bandage, he will mark a secret stash on your map and he would become a Friend for Life.

Going to Secret Stash Location

The side quest will be indicated with a blue icon and when you look at your map, you’ll see the location of the hidden stash. As it is a side quest you can go there whenever you want. Once you reach there you’ll be going through an area with rocks and you’ll see a tree with graves around it. There’ll also be two more graveyards in that area.

There’ll be some coyotes and some enemies in that area so just kill them and you get plenty of loot from them as well. Now the stash is hidden in some grave in the area. You have to find the grave of the person that is listed on the side quest. It should be Willie White’s grave and when you find it you have to dig it up. To dig up you need a shovel, if you don’t have a shovel there will be a shovel on some enemy you just killed. Loot the shovel and dig up the grave to get the hidden loot.

Once you dig up the grave you would get a Gold Bar and Golden Ace of Spades Card. The Golden Ace of Spades card is used to gain the perks so, it would be a valuable item discovered for you. Once you have collected the loot the side quest will be completed.

There are also many other side quests like this in Weird West, you can talk to different NPCs and they would give you marks on the map or you can find treasure maps from different places, or if you get lucky you can find one on the body of an enemy.

To complete these side quests, you just have to follow the marker on the map and follow the instructions and you will get the hidden loot and complete the side quest. These quests will give you good loot so make sure to keep an eye on the treasure maps.

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