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Wild Hearts – How to Forge Weapons & Armor



Forge Weapons

Your Equipment is essential for taking out the monsters spread out in the world of Azuma. As you progress ahead in the game, you might find your equipment is under level for the boss. In order to take out the monsters, you will have to forge your weapon to upgrade it or your armor to tank more hits from the monsters.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Forge Weapons and Armor in Wild Hearts.

Field Forge

Players will have to unlock the Field Forge ability in Karakuri to be able to forge weapons and armor. It will cost only 15 Dragon Pit to unlock Field Forge and players will be able to unlock it in the very first hour of the game. You can also check our guide on how to unlock Field Forge.

Forging Weapons

All the players will start with the weapon named “Karakuri Katana”. This is the very first weapon type in the game. There are 8 different weapon types in the game that players will be able to forge with Field Forge as well as enhance at the Field Forge. The Types of weapons are the following,

  1. Karakuri Katana
  2. Nodachi
  3. Bow
  4. Bladed Wagasa
  5. Maul
  6. Canon
  7. Clawblade
  8. Karakuri Staff

However, if you are in the early hours of the game, you will only see the first five types of weapons in the weapons list and the rest of the three will be denoted with “???”. You will unlock them as you progress ahead into the late game.

Weapon Types

To Forge new weapons, you will have to interact with the Field Forge and select the Forge Weapons option. After that, you need to select the “+” option to select one of the weapon types. Now, you will be taken into that weapon tree where you will enhance the weapon strength. You will be able to upgrade the weapon by selecting the points in the tree. There will also be “?” points which are the ones that you have not discovered.

Each Weapon has two types of skills, Inherent Skills, and Inherited Skills. You can switch the Inherited Skills to an enhanced weapon from your previous weapon but inherent skills are limited to that weapon only. You cannot be able to transfer the inherent skills to the upgraded weapon.

Forging Armor

Players can also Forge Armor by interacting with the Field Forge. Unlike the Weapons, the Armor forging mechanic does not have any trees. You will be able to forge armor pieces individually. There are five armor pieces in total and you can forge them with the required materials. After forging an armor piece, you will get the option to equip the armor piece as well.

Forge Armor

If you don’t want to equip it right away then you can go interact with Field Forge again and select the “Change Equipment” option. In this option, you will get to select your weapon as well as the armor.  

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