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Wild Hearts – How to Unlock Field Forge



Field Forge

Wild Hearts is an Action Role-Playing game in which players will get to hunt various monsters in the world of Azuma. Players will have to get a number of various materials in order to forge new weapons and armor for themselves to hunt down the monsters. However, it will require you to first unlock the Field Forge which will allow you to craft weapons and armor.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Field Forge in Wild Hearts.

Unlocking Field Forge in Wild Hearts

As you begin the game and go through the starting hours of the game, you will learn that your players have a Karakuri Power which allows your character to make items outs of thin air. Once you have reached the Giant Tree Trunk Camp, you will find an NPC who got hurt. In order to save the NPC, you will have to hunt down a monster named “Ragetail”.

After defeating him, you will have to go back to the camp and talk with the NPC “Natsune”. After the conversation, a cutscene will start and after that, you will have to help her out in making some stuff at the camp. When you reach the camp, you will get the opportunity to make Forge Field with your Karakuri Power.

To unlock the Field Forge, you need to open the menu and switch to Karakuri tab. Now, you need to select Field Forge. It will cost 15 Dragon Pit to unlock and at this point, you will have enough to unlock it. After that, you need to Conjure Karakuri and then select the Forge Field. Place it at your desired location in the camp and hold down the X Button to place it.

Unlocking Field Forge

After that, you will be able to forge weapons and armor by accessing the Field Forge workbench. You can place it in all of the camps you go to throughout the game.

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