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Wild Hearts – How to Get Roller




The world of Azuma is pretty big and it has different map zones that players will get to discover as they progress ahead in the story. Exploring the maps will help you find new materials as well as Talismans and Tsukomos. However, it can take hours to explore a single map zone and in order to move around the map quicker, you will be needing an item named Roller.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Roller in Wild Hearts.

Getting the Roller

Roller is one of the Dragon karakuri which means you will have to unlock it. Like the other Karakuri powers, you will also have to progress further ahead in the game to unlock the Roller. As you progress through the second chapter make your way to the end of the second chapter, you will get the quest to hunt down the monster named “Deathstalker”.

Deathstalker can be found in the Fuyufusagi Fort. It can be found resting inside the main castle when you reach the location. After defeating the Deathstalker, you will get the notification of Roller unlocked in karakuri tab.

Now, you will have to go inside the Karakuri tab and make the roller by selecting it. It will cost you 40 Fire resources. Once you have selected it, conjure Dragon Karakuri to make the Roller. After placing the Roller Stand near you, interact with the Roller to start using it.

Dragon Karakuri Roller

You can cover great distances in a short time with the roller. At the start, it will feel slow but as you upgrade the Roller, you will increase its speed and it will let you go around the map zone more quickly.

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