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Wild Hearts – How to get & use Flying Vine



Flying Vine

One of the most essential items in Wild Hearts are Dragon Karakuri items. These are the items that your character makes by using various Dragon Pit resources. You can craft these items for your own convenience and they can even help you move around the map zones more quicker. The Dragon Karakuri that you need to unlock as early as possible in the game is Flying Vine.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Flying Vine in Wild Hearts.

How to Get Flying Vine

As players progress through the main story of the game, they will get the quest to hunt down the monster named “Kingtusk”. You will get this quest in the first chapter of the game and you will be required to go to Minato. Minato is a separate smaller island that can only be accessed via a Glider or Flying Vine. Since, the Glider will not be unlocked so, you will get the option to make a Flying Vine.

You will be required to have 15 Dragon Pit earth resources in order to make the Flying Vine. Once you have the resources, you need to conjure Dragon karakuri and select the Flying Vine to place it at your desired position.

Make Flying Vine

How to Use Flying Vine

After making and placing the Flying Vine, you will have to activate it. Press the required button to activate the Flying Vine and you will go in the aiming mode. You will either see an Orange Crosshair or White Crosshair. Orange Crosshair means that the Flying Vine cannot shoot the Zipline to that position. The White Crosshair means that the Flying Vine can connect the Zipline to that position.

Shoot at the White Crosshair position to connect the Zipline and after that, you just need to jump on the zipline or either sprint towards it to ride the zipline. You can also switch the direction to go down/up from the zipline. It is one of the quickest ways to travel to highest places on the map or the farthest. You can make spread them on the map to reuse them whenever you are required.

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