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Witchfire: How to Access the Workshop



Witchfire: Workshop

Exploring various realms and taking out creatures of the Witch is the primary objective of the game but it can be a lot difficult as enemies are unforgiving in this game. To increase your chances of defeating the enemies and bosses around the realms, it is best you get access to the Workshop so that you can research new Gear, Weapons, Items, and Spells for your character. However, accessing the Workshop is another factor that players will have to work hard to unlock.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Access the Workshop in WItchfire.

How to Access the Workshop in Witchfire

The Workshop is the main feature of the game to unlock all kinds of items, gear, weapons, and spells for your character. You will be able to unlock all kinds of useful equipment for your character by researching them from the workshop. However, you will not be granted access to the workshop right from the start of the game instead, you will have to earn your right to it.

To access the Workshop, players will have to increase their character level to Level 3. You can do that by earning Witchfire by eliminating enemies and looting chests, items, consumables, and much more. Exploration and eliminating enemies will grant you a decent amount of WItchfire which you can utilize at the Ascension Shrine located on top of the stairs back at your safe area. Make sure that you teleport back to the safe area without dying otherwise, you will lose all of your Witchfire.

Once back at the safe house, you need to level up your character to Level 3 which will cost you a total of 11,000 Witchfire. So, it is a grind that you will have to do at the start of the game to get access to the Workshop. After leveling up your character, make your way inside the Sanctuary building beside the Ascension Shrine to see a mirror in front which will be your Workshop. Interact with the workshop to open the research menu through which you can research items.

Each item in the Workshop also requires a certain level so, the grind will never stop and you will have to continuously level up your character to get good equipment for your character.

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