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Witchfire: How to Unlock Spells



Witchfire: Spell

The firepower is a main source of eliminating the creatures and minions of the Witch but spells but an impactful role in defeating the enemies in Witchfire. At the start, you will only have access to a Hand Canon but gradually, you will be able to unlock more powerful weapons, you must unlock spells to apply certain effects on enemies to tackle them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock spells in Witchfire.

How to Unlock Spells in Witchfire

To unlock the spells in WItchfire, you must level up your character to at least Level 3. Leveling up your character to Level 3 will give you access to the Workshop where you will be able to research gear, items, weapons, and spells for your character. The Workshop is located in the Sanctuary beside the Ascension Shrine and you can communicate to the Workshop once you have unlocked the Workshop.

After you have unlocked the Workshop, the very first spell that you can unlock is the Light Spell which can be used often. You need to research the Light Spell to get a specific spell such as Shockwave. There are various spells of Light Spell so, you will always get a random spell from researching either a Light Spell or Heavy Spell.

Light Spell takes about 10 – 20 minutes to research a spell whereas, the Heavy Spell takes about 20 – 30 minutes to research a spell. Once you have activated the research, you need to wait for the research to complete. Once the research has been completed, you can interact with the workshop to get your newly researched spell.

How to Use the Spell

To use the spell, you must equip it in its respective slot. You need to go to the Equip Gear box located left of the Workshop inside the Sanctuary and interact with it. From here, you will be able to slot your Light Spell or Heavy Spell in its respective slot. Once the spell has been equipped, you will be able to use it whenever the spell is charged.

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