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Palia: How to Claim All Free Maji Market Closing Event Gifts



Palia: Event Closing Gifts

Palia’s first event, Maji Market is coming to an end on September 26, 2023. The event has been live since August 29, 2023, allowing players to partake in event-themed activities, complete exclusive event quests, interact with Palian villagers, and chase Chapaas in the mini-game. All of the activities and content related to the event offer various items, cooking recipes, and rewards to players but as the event time draws near, the Devs have added a bunch of gifts for the last few days of the event that players can claim for free.

Looking to know how you can claim your gifts from the Maji Market Event, then you are at the right place. This guide will assist you in how you can claim all the available gifts for the Maji Market Event in Palia.

How to Claim All Free Maji Market Closing Event Gifts

The Maji Market Event was a success and the Devs appreciated the response at the start of the event by giving gifts to the players for free who were participating in the event. Now that the event is closing, the Devs have added another giveaway weekend for the players to claim more exclusive event gifts. All the gifts from the closing event of Maji Market can be claimed by the players on the respective date for the gifts. The gifts available for players to claim on respective dates are the following.

  • September 22: 10x Phoenix Firework and 3x Delaila’s Peach Cake.
  • September 23: 10x Dragon Firework and 3x Chapaa Pops.
  • September 24: Chapaa Hut Inki Plush and 3x Delaila’s Hopalong Puff

To claim the rewards, players need to log in each respective day and go to the News Section of the Player Menu. The News Section will have a Claim rewards option which will add the respective gifts to your inventory according to the date.

As there are still a couple of days left before the event ends, log in to claim your gifts and go to the Event location to partake in the festivities one more time to have a lovely time with Palian villagers.

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