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Witchfire: How to Level Up



Witchfire: Level Up

The witch and her minions can give you a difficult time as you start your expedition to hunt them down. You will find your run extremely difficult right from the start as the enemies are unforgiving and can catch you off guard, leading to your death. However, the best way to survive in your expeditions is by leveling up your character to increase the potential of your character in certain stats.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up in Witchfire.

How to Level Up in Witchfire

As you start your expedition on Scarlet Coast, you will encounter various enemies and creatures of the Witch throughout the map. Eliminating the enemies and creatures will earn you Witchfire, which is a primary currency for leveling up in the game. It is very similar to souls-like games where you earn souls from killing the enemies which you then utilize at bonfire to level up your character. Witchfire follows the same premise but instead of soul you earn WItchfire and each enemy type drops a certain number of Witchfire depending on their difficulty level.

Not only do you earn Witchfire by killing enemies but also by looting the chests, items, consumables, resources, and much more. Everything can earn you some amount of Witchfire so, try to explore the areas thoroughly to get a maximum amount of Witchfire. Once you have a decent amount of WItchfire, you need to utilize it to level up your character by interacting with the Ascension Shrine.

The Ascension Shrine is located back at your safe place which you can reach by taking a portal activated on the world map. The green portals are the ones that are always activated so, go through them to end your expedition run and return to a safe area safely with earned Witchfire. Interact with the Ascension Shrine to level up your character through 6 different attributes.

  • Vitality: Increase the maximum HP of your character.
  • Healing: Increases the potency of healing elixirs and mushrooms.
  • Endurance: Increases the maximum Stamina of your character.
  • Witchery: Increase Spell recharge speed.
  • Metanoia: Consume less Witchfire.
  • Luck: Helps you get better items during your expedition run.

Each attribute will cost a certain amount of WItchfire to level up and by leveling up each level, the rate of future levels up will increase for all of the stats. Meaning, you will have to gather more Witchfire than your previous run to further level up your character.

If you die during your run, you will lose all of the gathered items along with your hard-earned Witchfire but you can regain your Witchfire if you go to the same spot where you faced your unfortunate fate.

Leveling up in Witchfire can take a lot of grind and it is best to level up your character gradually other than multiple levels at once because there are higher chances you might end up all of your Witchfire to an unlucky or unfortunate event.

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