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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: How to Complete Explorers in Peril – Main Quest



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World of Warcraft’s new expansion Dragonflight has all new main story quests that players will need to complete in order to complete the story and level up as well. One of the main quests that players will run into while progressing through the zones of Dragon Isles is Explorers in Peril.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Explorers in Peril quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Explorers in Peril

Explorers in Peril is a main quest given by Naleldea Rivergleam that requires a level of 60. Players can find this quest in the Waking Shores area north of Wingrest Embassy. When you get close to the Wild Coast area, you will start to see the Yellow Exclamation sign on the NPC, and talking to the NPC, will give you the log of the quest. Choose to accept the quest to start the quest.

The quest requires you to rescue 3 Dragonscale Expedition members in the Wild Coast. After accepting the quest, you need to go to the first member who will be trapped in a dragon skeleton. The member will be directly behind the quest location. Go around and be careful of the Drakes in the area. Kill the Drakes or just quickly break the Dragon Skull to rescue the first member of the Dragonscale Expedition.

The second member will be taken away by one of the Drakes and fly around in the area. You need to follow the yellow objective sign on the screen and when you get to the area, you need to look for the dragon who is holding the member and flying around. Go under the dragon and throw rocks at the dragon to drop the member to rescue him.

The third member will be towards the Lava Side in the Wild Coast. You need to make your way to the lava side and you will see an opening in the ground. The member will be tied to a chain and hanging down on the ground. You need to go down to one of the rocks in the lava and stand under the member and throw the rope at him to rescue him.

After rescuing all the members of the Dragonscale Exhibition, you need to return to Naleldea Rivergleam and you will be able to complete the quest by talking to her.


After completing the Explorers in Peril quest, you will get the following rewards.

  • Access to Dragonscale Exhibition
  • 25 Gold and 74 Silver
  • 10,860 XP
  • 250 Dragonscale Expedition Reputation

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