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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: How to Complete Omens and Incense – Main Quest



World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: How to Complete Omens and Incense – Main Quest

After making their way to the Dragon Isles and going through the first zone of Dragon Isles which is the Waking Shores, players will level up and unlock new quests in the other zones of Dragon Isles. One of the main quests, that will unlock in Ohn’ahran Plains is Omens and Incense.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete Omens and Incense’s main quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Omens and Incense

Omens and Incense quest is available in Maruukai in the Ohn’ahran Plains zone. Omens and Incense quest requires a 62 level to unlock so players have to level up themselves and then come to Maruukai to accept the quest. When players come to Maruukai, they will meet Ohn Seshteng who is preparing for a ritual. Talking to Ohn Seshteng will open the quest log from where you will be able to accept the quest.

The quest requires you to collect 5 Sweetsuckle Blooms, grind them into Sweetsuckle Incense, and then aid Ohn Seshteng in the Ritual. Sweetsuckle Blooms are the purple flowers that you will find mostly in Maruukai area. After starting the quest, go out of Ohn Seshteng’s place and you need to look for the purple flowers that are fully bloomed. Go near the flowers and click on them to collect them. You can find all 5 Sweetsuckle Blooms near Ohn Seshteng’s place.

After getting Sweetsuckle Blooms, you need to click on the flowers to grind them into Sweetsuckle Incense. Once you have ground the flowers and turned them into Sweetsuckle Incense, you need to burn the Sweetsuckle Incense. To burn it, you need to go back to Ohn Seshteng’s place and there will be a burner on the left side. Click on the burner to start burning the Sweetsuckle Incense and then you need to talk to Ohn Seshteng to turn in the burned Sweetsuckle Incense.

After turning in the burned Sweetsuckle Incense, the aid will be completed and you will get to complete the quest.


After completing the quest, you will get the following rewards.

  • 26 Gold, 21 Silver
  • 9,350 XP
  • 200 Reputation with Maruuk Centaur

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