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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
How to Complete Lofty Goals – Quest



World of Warcraft: Dragonflight How to Complete Lofty Goals – Quest

World of Warcraft’s new expansion Dragonflight has all new main story quests that players will need to complete in order to complete the story and level up as well. One of the quests that players will have to complete while progressing through the zones of Dragon Isles is Lofty Goals.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Lofty Goals quest in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

Lofty Goals

Lofty Goals is a quest given by Examiner Tae’ Shara Bloodwatcher that requires a level of 60. Players can find this quest in the Waking Shores area Northwest of Hornswog Hollow in Life Vault Ruins. When you get close to the area, you will start to see the Yellow Exclamation sign on the NPC, and talking to the NPC, will give you the log of the quest. Choose to accept the quest to start the quest.

The quest will require you to find Scout Ri’ tal in Hornswog Hollow. You need to find the Scout and ask him about the Orb of Primal Gales. After accepting the quest, you need to go in the Southeast direction to get to Scout Ri’ tal in Hornswog Hollow. Keep an eye on the map as well to keep tracking his location and when you get to him, you need to talk to him. Choose the option “Where is the Orb Now?” and the Scout will tell you that Francisco had it.

If you look to the left side, you will see number of small wind typhoons ahead of you. You need to cross through the wind typhoons to get to Francisco. In order to get through them successfully, use the dash ability while doing the jump to get through quickly when you find the gap. You can also use the dash ability by sticking close to the wall to get through. After you have made your way to the other side, you will see Scout Francisco. Talk to him and select the option “Where is it now?” and the Scout will tell you that the Orb is on the ledge on the other side.

Now, you need to go to the other side by dodging the wind typhoons and flying to the other side. Go straight after talking to Francisco and dodge the Wind Typhoons. Once you get close to the ledge, you will see a shining Orb on the other side. Use the wings to fly and then use the dash ability to quickly get on the other side. Go near the Orb and start collecting it.

Once you have collected the Orb of Primal Gales, go in the Northwest direction towards the Life Vault Ruins and give the Orb of Primal Gales to Examiner Tae’ Shara Bloodwatcher to complete the quest.


Once you have completed the Lofty Goals quest, you will receive the following rewards.

  • 25 Gold and 74 Silver
  • 9,050 XP
  • 100 Reputation with Valdrakken Accord


Have a Nice Death – Where to Buy Weapons and Food items




Players will get to unlock various weapons and get food items during their run but it is very hard to select the ones that you want to stay put with throughout the run. One of the best ways to get the best weapons and food items for your run is to buy them. Select the weapons that you want the most and you will do eventually good in your next run.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to buy weapons and food items in Have a Nice Death.

Buying Weapons and Food Items

The Weapons and Food Items can only be bought from an NPC named “Joe”. It will be a confusing for the new players as they will not meet any NPC named “Joe” during the run. In order to get to the NPC, you will have to finish your run either by completing it successfully which means, completing the game or finish the run by dying.

In both cases, you will return to your desk and you will get to explore and meet new NPCs before you get to the elevator. While moving ahead on the path, talk to the NPC with a cap to view the shop of Weapons and Food Items. The NPC is Joe and he will sell you various Weapons, Spells, and Food Items.

All of the things listed in the shop are bought with Ingots. If you don’t know how to get Ingots then you can read our guide on Ingots as well. The Shop will also has the sale feature which is determined by different challenges. If you have completed a challenge regarding to a weapon, a spell, or a food item, you will get off up to 95%.

Joe's Shop

However, completing these challenges will take a lot so, if you have enough number of Ingots, you can buy the things you want for your next run from Joe. There are two different categories in the shop. One is for weapons and the other one is for Food. You can change the tabs to switch between the categories to buy the items you want.

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Have a Nice Death – How to Get Ingots




There are a number of resources in Have a Nice Death that players will obtain as they progress through their run in the departments. These resources are work as the in-game currencies and there are multiple currencies in the game. One of the useful currencies in the game is Ingot that can be used to buy different sorts of weapons and food for the run.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get ingots in Have a Nice Death.

Getting Ingots

Ingots is one of the main currencies in Have a Nice Death which can be used to buy different Cloak Weapons and Food for the run. The new weapons will allow you to take down enemies in a new dominant way and the food will allow you to go even further in your run by healing your character. All of this can only be possible if you get enough Ingots in your run.

In order to get the Ingots, you can obtain them by killing enemies in a mandatory stage. The mandatory stage is the one that you cannot simply pass by. You will have to take down all of the enemies in order to open the path ahead. By completing the Mandatory stages, you will get certain amount of Ingots as well.

Ingots can also be found in the hidden areas in the biomes. These hidden areas are marked with a lock and they can only be unlocked by using an Anima so, keep an eye out for the locked areas and when you go down these areas, you can find more rare weapons or ingots.

Earn Ingots by ending the Run

The last way to get the Ingots is by ending a run. You can end the run by successfully taking out all of the Sorrows Enemies (Bosses) in all of the biomes or by dying. Dying will give you the ingots on the basis of your current run stats. The enemies that you have killed, the Soularies that you have gathered, and much more. After dying, you will return back to your desk with all earned Ingots and you will be able to use them to buy the things for your future run.

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Have a Nice Death – How Curses Work




There are a lot of different mechanics in Have a Nice Death that new players will have to learn in order to play the game more dominant way. As you are playing as a Death, you need to be superior than all of the Sorrows and the enemies and the best way to overcome them is by unlocking the Curses.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Curses Work in Have a Nice Death.

How to Earn a Curse

As players progress through the biomes, they will meet an NPC named “Mr. O’Shah” who is known for giving out curses and he will also offer you three different types of curses. For the first time, the curses will play as a bonus as there will be no penalty for it. The three types of curses that Mr. O’Shah will offer you are the following.

  • Red Curse
  • Blue Curse
  • Green Curse

Now, the Red Curse is mainly for your Cloak Weapons and Spells. If you select the Red Curse, it will enhance the damage or vice versa of your Cloak Attack output and Spell output. The Blue Curse is mainly for the defense of your character. It will increase your character’s HP and vice versa. The Green Curse is mainly for your spells and Mana. By selecting the Green Curse, you will increase the output of your spells or decrease the consuming amount of Mana by spells.

Whenever, you select a curse for the first time, it will not give you any penalty. However, when you select the same bonus for the second time, you will see a penalty warning in the bottom of the Curse Card. After selecting the same card as before, you will get to select a penalty for yourself. You will have to get the penalty in order to get the curse otherwise, you will not get the curse. Soo, make sure to select the penalty that you can work with for the rest of the run.

Select the Bonus to Get the Curse

You will meet Mr. O’Shah at different points of the game as you progress through the biomes so, make sure to select the curse for your defense as well as spells because they will make a huge difference in the more difficult fights.

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