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World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: How to Unlock Dragon Riding



World of Warcraft: Dragonflight: How to Unlock Dragon Riding

World of Warcraft has been testing its new expansion named Dragonflight in which they added a new mount to be used by the players. The new mount is called Dragon Riding in which players will be able to mount the dragon and fly to higher heights in Dragon Isles. But players will not get dragon mount at the start of the expansion they will have to unlock it before they get to mount it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Dragon Riding in World of Warcraft.

Unlocking Dragon Riding

Dragon Riding is the new mount added to the game in the new expansion called Dragonflight. The new expansion has all new quest lines in the Dragon Isles location and to experience the all-new things added in the expansion, players will need to travel to the Dragon Isles. Players can travel to Dragon Isles by going through the main quests of the game. Once players have unlocked the quest named “The Dragon Isles Await” by Horde, they will be able to travel to the Dragon Isles at the end of the quest. This quest will be available in the Orgrimmar region.

Once players have made their way to the Dragon Isles, they will need to level up to 60~70. They can do that by completing the new main quests in Dragon Isles along with the side quests as well. But completing the side quests will only take more time and players will have to spend hours just on the side quests so, the better way to level up is by completing only the main quests in the Drago Isles. There are a total of four zones in Dragon Isles and all of them have main quests that players can complete but players will only progress from the first area and when players reach the second area of Dragon Isles, they will be able to unlock Dragon Riding.

The Dragon Riding is only unlocked by completing a quest named “Dragonriding”. The Dragon Riding quest is available in The Waking Shores region in Dragon Isles. The quest will require players to talk with Lord Andestrasz in the Ruby Lifeshrine. Accept the quest and follow the quest mark on the map to get to the Ruby Lifeshrine and talk with Lord Andestrasz. After talking with Lord Andestrasz, you will complete the quest and you will get your first dragon (Dragon Riding) in the game.

You can go in the mounts to equip the Dragon Riding to mount on it and fly around in the Dragon Isles to discover the secrets more quickly.

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